Great Housewarming Gift Ideas for the First Time Homeowner

It’s an exciting time when someone moves into their first home. They want to share their happiness, show off their new home, and have a party to celebrate the occasion. You want to bring a small gift. Here are some great housewarming gift ideas!

Some of these housewarming gift ideas are big, some are small; in either case, your friends will appreciate them for years to come.

Housewarming gift idea: Claw hammer
It might not sound sexy or fun, but everyone needs a hammer. Whether it’s tapping on the nail that’s popping out of the wall, hanging pictures, or doing more extensive work, a hammer is indispensable. Make sure to get a hammer with a claw on it. The claw can be used to remove nails from the wall or other surfaces, or even to pry open a can of paint. Your friends will appreciate getting this as a housewarming gift.

Housewarming gift idea: A set of nails
Package it with the hammer if you’d like, but every homeowner needs to have nails around the house. You can find sets that have nails in nearly every length, size, with heads, and without. Your friend will be thankful to have this set when they need that nail to hang something, especially if they have a garage!

Housewarming gift idea: Picture hanging kits
Every homeowner hangs pictures, bric-a-brac, or other items that decorate their walls. There is no such thing as having “too many” toggle bolts or picture hangars. Several stores even offer picture-hanging kits. These include a dozen v-shaped hangars and nails, wire, brackets and nails to nail on the back of a picture frame, and more.

Housewarming gift idea: Screwdriver set
Every homeowner needs standard and phillips head screwdrivers. These sets are a must to have because the handles come in assorted shapes and sizes. Sometimes you need a screwdriver with a very long handle, other times a short handle will do. Sometimes you need a screwdriver that has a thick head, other times you need a very small head.

With a good screwdriver set, you’ll always have the screwdriver that you need.

Housewarming gift idea: Cordless drill
These drills aren’t just for construction workers or folks who are remodeling. They’re incredibly useful and every homeowner should have one! Get a set of screwdriver bits for the drill set, and it will double as a cordless, electric screwdriver, too. Every time your friends use their cordless drill, they’ll remember your thoughfulness with this useful housewarming gift.

Housewarming gift idea: Snow shovel
If you live anywhere that gets snow, this is a must! Even if your friends have a snow removal service, there will be times when the service can’t reach them quick enough, or when the service has left drifts that are in the way. In either case, having a snow shovel is must for all homeowners.

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