Modern Kitchen Cabinets: Clean Lines and Sleek Design

If you are currently thinking of remodeling your kitchen, one style that you may want to consider is the modern style. The modern style can really take your kitchen to the current century and even into the future. Modern kitchen styles offer clean lines that are not too imposing or too overwhelming. Today’s contemporary kitchens offer a lot of choices from kitchen cabinets to drawer pulls and knobs.

Many homeowners choose the contemporary or modern look because they can have flexibility and a lot of options. Modern kitchen cabinets, for example, offer a multitude of styles and finishes as well as shapes. They go very well with the popular stainless steel appliances that are the primary choice of homeowners. Modern kitchen cabinets fit well into a contemporary or industrial style home, but don’t be surprised to see a Victorian exterior with a modern kitchen. Call it eclectic if you may, but it seems more fitting to call it practical.

One place that I find convenient and has a lot of modern kitchen cabinet options at very reasonable prices is Ikea. You can buy a base cabinet for as little as $55.00. Real estate investors who flip home for profits love Ikea due to the price and ease of ordering and installation. The final look is guaranteed to be stunning and they get their bang for their buck. Visit an Ikea store near you or visit for more information.

Another place that I find that carries a lot of modern European kitchen cabinets is the Cabinets by Design with a couple of showrooms here in the bay area. They have a couple of showrooms, one in Palo Alto, CA and the other in San Rafael, CA. They carry different styles at a variety of price ranges from the low-end to high-end top of the lines. They offer different finishes and styles, and you can customize your built-ins and base heights. Visit to see the different styles online and for more information.

I love the wide and deep drawers that you can use to put your over-sized pots and pans as well as the upper cabinets with the doors that swing upward where you can leave them open as you shuffle in and out the plates and cups without fearing someone may bump or run into the corners.

One thing is for sure, the modern kitchen style is becoming more and more popular. If you love the minimalist look, or the uncluttered look, this style is for you. Furthermore, it offers a lot of functionality that you can find in a commercial kitchen that chefs love to work on. Contra try to what others who prefer the traditional kitchen look that accuse a modern style kitchen of being cold, it isn’t. There are warm wood tone finishes and high-gloss colorful finishes that you can choose from to add that warmth to your home without compromising functionality and style. There are even cabinets that are painted with quality paint that are used in cars and aircrafts that are basically scratch-resistant. You cannot achieve these modern amenities on traditional or antique cabinets.

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