On Your Way to an Oscar? First Get Some Acting Training in Atlanta

So you want to change the world with your acting talents? Well, that is an amazing thought and idea, but with an industry that is so incredibly competitive what can you do to have the advantage on the every growing competition? The answer to that is extremely easy to answer, all you need is training and lots of it. But not just any type of training, the absolute best training that is available to you. So, knowing this need for actors to have legitimate and excellent training, I went out and found Atlanta, GA best acting training school. At this school you will find nothing but amazing instructors, teaching an equally amazing curriculum – all of which will become evident in your acting skills.

You are most likely wondering what acting school I am talking about; I am speaking of YourACT On-Camera located in Decatur, Georgia (just 15 minutes away from Atlanta, Georgia). It is here that you will find some of the southeast’s greatest on-camera acting training at extremely reasonable rates. YourACT offers something completely unique to its students – they have the top agents and casting directors from Atlanta come into every acting class to offer suggestions and scope out the up and coming talent. They come to the acting classes to give specific feedback to each actors individuals acting skills. Through this you will be given to opportunity to network and receive feedback that actually does make a difference in your acting career.

YourACT offers a wide variety of on-camera acting classes for all levels including classes for kids, teens, and adults. Their classes range from classes for beginner learning the basics of acting, to actors that are continuing their training and improving their audition skills, as well as they offer classes for advanced actors looking to say sharp on their acting skills and techniques. While you are enrolled at YourACT studio you will receive in-depth and honest training as well as constructive suggestions that will help you as an actor grow leaps and bounds. The training you receive at YourACT is only the beginning as this studio has the connections to be able to show your work to an agent or to casting directors.

The classes at YourACT are kept to a minimal with only a maximum of ten students per adult class or twelve students for youth classes. Classes range from Sketch Comedy to Standup Comedy to learning the Meisner Technique of acting. YourACT also offers private coaching for that unique one-on-one setting. At YourACT they offer a unique opportunity for potential students, the ability to sit in on a class of your choice for absolutely, 100% free! This shows the greatness of this studio, because they are so confident that once you sit in a free class you will want to sign up for a class due to the shear genius the instructors possess and release to its students.

So if you are an actor in need of training, which every actor is, than you must absolutely train at YourACT in Decatur, Georgia.


YourACT On-Camera
Atlanta Acting Classes
1434 Scott Blvd., Suite #1
Decatur, GA 30030
Tel: 404-377-5552

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