One of the Best Beauty Salons in Covington, Virginia

Amongst the mountains of the Alleghany’s, a mediums sized town has one of the best beauty salons smack dab in downtown. It is located at 315 W. Main Street, a small but quaint building that may not seem like much when looked at but if you were to walk into those doors a whole other world is there to greet you.

Karen, Sissy, Christy and Danette make up a dynamic team that cannot be beat. They carry in their magical hands between 13 and 23 years experience each! The owners, Karen and Sissy bought the business from the original owners back in 1998 and then relocated it to the main street address in January 2003.

When speaking to them you feel automatically welcomed by them as if you are instant friends. They all take pride in what they do and want you, the customers to leave happy and satisfied with what you received from them. Clients were on top of all of their lists of what they like best about being hair stylists. “The people” they all said, “the people who we deal with are what makes this job worth it all”! Karen said she loves making people feel good about their selves and when they feel like a change, she just loves it! You could see their eyes light up with laughter and their voices just make you feel welcome, like you are friends, whether you visit for the first time or the hundredth time.

I asked them each what they would want to share with others about their hair salon. They are so humble about how good they are, they know they are, but also said with utmost seriousness: “We have something here that you don’t find often in other salons. It is closeness. There is no competition, we all share, give and take. We give our opinions, we ask the others their opinions and often. But we don’t see ourselves as better than any other hair salon. There are plenty of other shops out there that are as good as or better than us.” Now if that don’t take the cake!

They have an established business that has a fairly steady clientele but they also take walk-ins as. It is usually safer to call ahead but they will do what they can to fit you in if you just walk in.

“It is not a job that you dread going to,” they said collectively. “We all get along; we want to satisfy our clients.” “We listen to what they want to have done, go through color books, stylists’ books and do what’s necessary to make sure that they, the client, our neighbors and friends, get what they want and how they want. “Their satisfaction means so much to us.”

Hot Watts offers a variety of services at prices that anyone can afford.

If you get a shampoo, cut and style you are looking at from $10 – $25.00, depending on your hair length, desired cut and style.

Perms run $40.00 depending on the thickness and length of your hair plus the type of perm you are wanting.

Both semi-permanent and permanent Color is offered at $45.00 and up, again, depending on the thickness and length of your hair.

Highlights run $35.00 and up, depending on if you want your hair foiled or done through a pull cap.

Highlights AND Lo-Lights
where you get one major highlight color and another color that you do not get as much of (light highlights of second color), run $65.00 and up.

Facial waxing
is available for $5.00 an area. An area consists of the eyebrow area, or the lip area, etc.

Lastly, we have Manicures. A full manicure runs $15.00 and if you only need a polish change, it will run you a mere $5.00!

Hometown friendliness, great people, with the know how, more experience than you could ever want, giving you the faith to know that no matter what, if or when you ever walk into Hot Watts hair salon, you will walk out with a smile on your face and one VERY satisfied customer. You are bound also, to leave with an anticipation to return, just to see your new friends again! They go above and beyond anyone’s expectations, even their own! Go by and see them on 315 W. Main Street in Covington, Virginia and tell them you saw them on Associated Content!

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