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To enroll in online classes, students must complete a simple questionnaire and an admissions test. To make enrollment easier, every potential student is assigned an individual to assist them during the application process. Enrollment procedures can be handled online or though the mail.

The Thomson Education Direct Marketing Program offers an easy to use format which will appeal to beginners and to those experienced in online learning. An hour of studying each day is all you need to complete the curriculum which includes the principles of business, marketing, management, mathematics, and finance. Step-by-step lessons written in non-technical English provide photos and diagrams to illustrate each new concept. Microsoft XP, CD ROMs, books, reference materials, and a business analyst calculator are all available to provide hands on training.

Lessons are broken up into study units. After every unit is completed, you’ll take an open book exam. These exams count for two thirds of your overall grade. The proctored examination will account for the remaining one third. Students must have a C average or a point average of 2.0 to receive their degree.

Additional Information:

Cost: The cost per year semester is approximately $808.00. Several payment options are available and discounts are offered to students who pay in full.
Accreditation Agencies: U.S. Department of Education – DETC (Distance Education Training Council).

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