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If you or members of your family need prescriptions filled often, or if you need the same medication daily, chances are you’d like to find a way to make your prescriptions more affordable. Even if you have medical insurance, you may want to cut the cost of your medications to balance out doctor visits and insurance payments. Here are some medical companies that you can order discount prescription drugs from, along with an explanation of how they operate.

Discount prescription drugs are a new and convenient way for you to get the medication you need at a fairly low price. Most of the time, the prescriptions are mailed to your home, or delivered to you in person, depending on your condition and whether or not you?ll need medical equipment along with your prescriptions. Discount prescription drug companies are usually able to sell prescriptions at a lower price than doctor?s offices and pharmacies because they are able to produce the medication on site, cutting out other production costs. More than likely, pharmacists work directly for discount prescription drugs companies, and are able to help you find the medication you need while thoroughly informing you of the side effects. Some companies that distribute discount prescription drugs that offer this and more services are:
This company is based in Canada, but has been approved by some states in the U.S. for satisfactory medications and meeting U.S. health standards. On the RxNorth website, you can search for the medication you want by name or type and purchase the medicine you need online using a credit card. You?ll also be given security information concerning your payments and personal information. You can order your discount prescription drugs for overnight delivery, express, or standard delivery, which usually takes about 7 to 10 business days. If you call RxNorth and order your discount prescription drugs by phone, your shipping charge is waived. Visit for more information on the company and whether or not you can find the medication you need.
This company not only offers discount prescription drugs, but a variety of affordable health plans, including dental, optical, and chiropractic. You can find the prescriptions you?ll need for almost any health condition, and you can review the health plans available. It may be cheaper to get on a health plan when you know you?ll need discount prescription drugs on a regular basis for a certain medical condition. You can also receive medical advice from physicians on the site, and you can order glasses and contacts, as well as refill your optical prescriptions.
This site has a wealth of prescriptions and pharmacy advice to choose from, along with articles about the medications you may be taking and similar discount prescription drugs. There are also generic forms of some prescriptions which are cheaper than the original medication, but usually work just as well. Along with doctor-prescribed medications, you can find vitamins, minerals, muscle relaxers, and diet and birth control pills on the site. Since many of these items may not be federally approved, you should talk to your physician before you begin to take any contraceptives or herbal supplements, especially if you are already on other medication.

To find the discount prescription drugs you or your family may need, visit any of these sites, or check to see if the medication itself has a website and contact information. You can also talk to your physician for helpful information. You may be able to find the help that you need at a fraction of the cost.

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