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Do you love buying gifts but have a hard time finding that special, unique, and personalized gift? Would you rather order great gifts from the luxury of your own home instead of driving to a crowded mall only to leave without finding anything you were looking for? Well, look no further! I have found some great websites for you to browse through for some really interesting, unqiue, and funny gift ideas for your friends and loved ones! A lot of these websites I have had personal experience with and I will make sure to let you know of the quality and timeliness of their arrival.

First off, I am a HUGE fan of personalized gifts. I have found tons of websites where you can send in your pictures, for example, and have them mounted on a mug, calendar, or blanket. Here are a few of the top websites I’ve come across or ordered from:

Personalized Gift Websites – This website has some of the coolest effects to recreate whatever picture you want. First you send in the picture you’d like recreated by mail or uploading it by email. You decide online what kind of effect you would like your photograph to carry. They have everything from pop art, such as Andy Warhol to more basic like a pencil sketch or an oil painting rendering. They can even create something more fun like a caricature. This is a great idea for a gift if you’re looking for something sentimental and create a long-term memory. – I have personally ordered from this website during the Christmas season. I’d have to say – the recipients of this gift were more than thrilled! This website personalizes handbags with any photo you’d like. They have three different effects to choose from: color, black and white, or sepia. The two effects I chose were black and white and sepia. They both turned out great! These gifts are great for wedding gifts for bridesmaids or even as gifts for mother’s day or Christmas, like I did. They’re very personalized and can be used for so many things such as make-up, pens, or feminine products. They have a few wedding favors you can buy from their website as well, if you’re planning an upcoming wedding. THe quality of this website is just as they described – amazing! – What drew me to this website was the photo gifts section. You can create a personalized rubik’s cube with any picture you want! How awesome is that?! You can also personalize your own afghan of pillows. They have very cute personalized gifts such as cards, photo albums, welcome mats, you name it, they pretty much have it! They have many different types of things you can get personalized for special occasions as well such as graduations, baptisms, and religious gifts. – I still haven’t had a chance to order anything from this website but definitely will in the near future. This website specializes in customizing a number of products based on artists’ work that is submitted and screened by them. They can customize anything from a shower curtain to table cloths to note cards (which is what I would love to buy). What’s real cool about this website is that you can choose from a huge range of artwork you’d like displayed on the item you want customized. You are able to upload your own photos as well if that was more desirable to you. This website’s work looks very reputable and of extremely good quality. Don’t miss out!

Now, onto some interesting and unique gift ideas veering away from the customized gift ideas. I love getting quirky and different kind of gifts for my friends and family. I don’t know about you but when someone asks, “Where is the world did you get that?!” I know I did a great job. Here are a few of my favorites:

Unique Gifts – This website is a bit pricey, depending on what you want but they have some of the most interesting items I’ve ever seen! They use a lot of bright and bold colors on all items. I have bought a few of the vases as a mother’s day gift along with the gift box. They arrived in great condition and the packaging was superb! They real quirky gifts such as their frames and sculptures for your home. They have a great collection of coasters as well – which I didn’t think people still used! I can’t even begin to go through all the different items they have on this website. It’s some of the most unusual and unique gift ideas I could imagine. If you were to check out one website on this list, please, check this out! It’s my favorite! – Looking for a gift for a co-worker or just need something to keep you entertained while you zone out at your desk once in a while? Check this website out. I ordered the mini basketball hoop that can attach to the side of a trash can or the side of a cubicle wall. They have some real funny items to keep you busy. I personally like their “stress reliever” section and “wobbling toys” section as well. Haha, they really make me laugh. If I didn’t have such a quiet office, I’d invest in a couple of those. This is a great website for getting that hard to shop for Christmas present for the office folk. – This is a very interesting website if you know people who are obsessed with bath products. Yeah, you could go to Bath and Body or wherever your choice of bath product shopping is – but check this website out first. They have got some of the most unusual yet coolest soap bars I’ve ever seen! They do have some gift combos already set up for you to buy if you’d rather make it short and sweet but I love to look through all the different sections of items. They have some cool bath bombs and bath salts too for those bath lovers out there. I haven’t personally ordered anything from here – but I frequent it many times just to get an idea of what I could possibly get for my bath obsessed friends. – Speaking of bath products, here is one website I just adore. Although they do have stores located around the country, I still consider it easier to order things from them because it’s a bit difficult to find their locations especially if they’re not anywhere near you. All their products are natural and handmade which I love. They have a lot of fun items and very unusual. They may look a bit sketchy at first because of the way the natural soaps or lotions may look – but I have ordered their silky underwear powder and I must say it is divine! They have a huge section for bath products that are really fun! They also have a gift section if you can’t decide what you’d like to buy – I guarantee you’ll have hard time deciding! – I love love love love this website. Especially around Christmastime, I was searching and searching for this particular soap and they kept running out of it because it was in such high demand!!! You know that it was good if as soon as they would restock it would be sold out the next day! They have different categories such as home decor, bed and bath, and fashion accessories. They pretty much have everything you could want in one area. They also have a section for Gift Ideas based on what kind of person you’re buying for. You could buy a gift for a pet lover, a traveler, or gifts for the host in your friends’ circle. – I ordered from this website during the Christmas rush and they were awesome making sure that my gifts reached in time. Not only that, but their gift towers were really appreciated and so fun to open! It’s like one gift after another! They have a whole range of gift baskets from get-well baskets to romance baskets. They’re so fun to open because there are so many cute little trinkets in each one. They have anything from chocolates in each box to bath products to pamper yourself with. This is a great gift to give those hard to shop for friends or family.

Now that I’ve gone over some of the unique gift ideas – let’s get to clothing. I LOVE funny t-shirts. I constantly search the internet for funny websites. Since more shirt websites offer the same information, I’m just going to list some of my favorites:

Please make sure to check these t-shirt websites out! They have some of the funniest shirts you’ll ever want to buy! I hope my website was of some assistance and that you’ll find that unique and interesting gifts to share with your friends!

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