Orlando-Not Just the Mecca of Mickey

The summer of 1972 was the year of the mouse. No, I am not referring to a Chinese calendar; we’re talking the king of all meeses, Mickey Mouse. Mickey was introduced to the world or at least the eastern United States in a BIG way in 1972, Walt Disney World, the Mecca of all things Mickey. Now we must give Mr. Disney his due, the theme park was a doosey of an idea and has shone a very bright light on the Orlando area, which at that time was little more than miles and miles of scrub and sand. Orlando today however is a much more versatile place than just a destination for thousands of people from all over the world that flock to the Mouse’s house for days upon days of Florida sunshine and sensory overload provided by a cast of life size cartoon characters.

Orlando is pretty much the center of the state of Florida and is very conveniently located to sites that have nothing whatsoever to do with the M M man. Within an hour or two of Orlando you can visit a wide variety of interesting destinations, from NASA Space Flight Center to the East, to Weekee Wachee Springs to the South, or Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater Beach to the West, not to mention the oldest city in the United States, historic St. Augustine to the North.

The weather in Central Florida is pleasantly warm and sunny for the better part of the year and land prices are still within reach, but not for too much longer. So if you are looking for a great place to raise your kids or maybe you are empty nesters and have decided to “run away” from home, I suggest you take any road south and high tail it down to Orlando before the secret is completely blown and all the available land is snatched up by shrewd developers or wise grandmas and grandpas. Hold a huge yard sale, pack light and come pick out your own little ray of sunshine!!

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