Orlando Tax Preparers

Many people want to make sure that their taxes are done accurately and effectively and what better way to insure this is by selecting a good accountant. Many people are afraid to take the risk of preparing their own taxes. For the people that are afraid, I have prepared a brief listing of potential Orlando Area tax preparers for your convenience.

J.E. Owens & Co., P.A.

This is a high quality financial and tax advisement firm that specializes in: audit, financial statement, consulting, personal financial planning, individual tax, business, tax, bookkeeping, estate planning, not for profit, and payroll. They offer reasonable price for their clients and a free initial consultation.

Contact Person: Jack Owens
Contact Information:
2731 Sliver Star Road
Orlando, FL 32808
Phone: 407-293-2654
Web Site: www.jeowens.com

John C. Schrenker, CPA
Schrenker is a sole practitioner that offers personalized attention for business planning and financial services for his clients. He offers services in: financial statement, consulting, personal financial planning, individual tax, business tax, bookkeeping, and estate planning.

Contact Person: John Schrenker
Contact Information:
3404 Calumet Dr.
Orlando, FL 32810
Phone: 407-295-0319

Ruben Toro PA
Ruben Toro is a local accountant in Orlando Area. He offers tax preparation for his clients. If you want your taxes done effectively and efficiently than please contact Ruben Tora.

Contact Information:
7901 Kings Point Pkwy, Ste.31
Phone: 407-370-6445
Web Site: www.rubentorocpa.com

Sonu Shukla, CPA
Sonu Shukla is a Certified Public Accountant in the local Orlando Area. Sonu Shukla offers help in tax preparation for the year 2006 for clients who are interested.

Contact Information:
5950 Lakehurst Dr. Suite 287
Orlando, FL 32819
Web Site: www.sshucklacpa.com

Ron Benfield, CPA
Ron Benfield is a Certified Public Accountant in the local Orlando Area. Ron offers services in tax preparations for individuals who need help and consultation in their tax preparations. Please contact Mr. Benfield for further information on his services.

Contact Information:
2223 Langly Cir.
Orlando, FL 32835-5945
Web Site: www.ronbenfield.com

Berman, Hopkins, & Moss
This firm offers technical expertise and innovative thinking which enables them to accurately pinpoint the tax issues unique to their clients to minimize their tax obligation. They provide their clients with efficient and accurate tax preparation on returns. For general information about their services please contact: Phil Hayes @ 321-727-2353

Contact Information:
480 N. Orlando Ave., Suite 218
Orlando, FL 32789
Phone: 407-644-5811
Fax: 407-644-6022
Web Site: www.bermanhopkins.com

Wettstein & Saboff, PA
Wettstein & Saboff PA is the place to go if you need help preparing your small business taxes. They do not only consider themselves good accountants but also experienced businessmen. They specialize in striving to help small businesses navigate the challenges that they face. They provide lasting services that assist the business with the strategic direction needed to manage its financial affairs. They help small business prepare their income taxes as well as take on the roll of advisors, guiders, and planners. For more information on this excellent firm please contact.

Contact Information:
632 Stetson St.
Orlando, GL 32804
Phone: 407-650-9088
Fax: 407-650-9087
Web Site: cpa@wsaccounting.com

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