Orthopedic Dog Beds: The Ultimate in Pet Comfort

Back ailments are an increasing problem as we grow older, and as a result, the market for comfort inducing pillows, mattresses and cushions designed to relieve back stress and provide soothing relief has boomed. Orthopedic mattresses and backrests are ideal for anyone suffering from back pain or simply desiring a comforting rest.

It only makes sense that as we have come to recognize the need for back pain relief in ourselves, we extend that courtesy to our pets. Large dogs have a tendency to also experience common muscle and bone ailments as they grow older, and so many pet supply companies have sought to alleviate your pet’s pain and stress with the introduction of orthopedic dog beds.

An orthopedic dog bed is designed for maximum pet comfort, reducing joint stress and providing a relaxing cushion for your dog to rest and sleep on.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit the size of your dog, the Nature’s Foundation Leatherette Snuggle Dog Bed comes complete with 1 1/2 inches of comfortable orthopedic foam, providing excellent support for your dog. The Nature’s Foundation Leatherette Snuggle Dog Bed is an oval bed utilizing both orthopedic foam and an additional 2 inches of cedar bedding which will help to reduce odors and repel fleas. The multi-functional orthopedic dog bed has a removable bed covering that is reversible; fleece on one side to keep warm in the winter, and water-resistant nylon to help your dog keep cool in the summer. The bed cover is also machine washable.

Comfort Zone also offers an orthopedic pet bed in a variety of colors and sizes. The Comfort Zone Orthopedic dog bed is a rectangular mat-like bed with an orthopedic foam base. The bed is designed with premium, comfortable fleece on one side, and a brightly colorful deep plush on the other side.

The Pet Care 152 SSS OrthoCare Pet Bed is designed exclusively for older dogs or dogs with joint and muscle ailments, but enjoyable by dogs of all ages and sizes. Also available in three different sizes, the Pet Care Ortho Care Pet Bed is made with a durable design for easy portability and function, built with dual density orthopedic foam and a removable fleece bed cover, that is also machine washable.

The Kreature Komfort Beasley Couch is a bed styled like a small couch exclusively for your pet’s enjoyment and ultimate comfort. The three inches of convoluted orthopedic foam offers amazing support for your dog, as does the overstuffed bolsters. As with the other orthopedic dog beds mentioned, the cover is removable and machine washable, and the bed itself is available in various sizes and two fabric choices.

All of the above beds can be found at Amazon.com and at other reputable pet supply retailers.

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