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Ouija Boards For fun and even for profit

In this article I am going to explain how to make a valuable profit by hand crafting Ouija Boards and selling them. For those of you who wonder what exactly a Ouija board is: A Ouija Board is a tool to communicate with spirits. The spirits can be either good or bad, it depends on what you do and what precautions you take. It is important to be careful in making sure that you aren’t contacting a restless ghost or spirit. That could bring trouble. What do they look like? Traditionally, the Ouija boards were made of wood. Nowadays they can be either made of wood, plastic, cardboard, metal, or even glass. Basically, you will need to use a flat surface upon which the symbols shall be written. Any flat surface could be used, but traditionally the flat surface is roughly 10 by 15 inches in size. I like the idea of using wood, as most store bought Ouija boards are plastic and cardboard. The planchette is the piece you will put your hands on to be guided across the boards. The planchette is a small triangle, tear, or heart shape with a hole in the center for each letter to peek through. Supposedly, as you hold your hands upon the planchette the spirit who you are contacting will guide you across each individual letter or number and spell out information on its history, why its dead, where it is.

There are some rules and precautions to take when consulting the Ouija. Many people advice to open with a prayer of protection. Never be insistant to the spirit. I have read that you should never ask a spirit through the Ouija board about their beliefs in God, as with so many different spirits it may cause confusion or anger. To be honest, my opinion about Ouija Boards is that they can operate partially through auto-suggestion. You are the one who is subconsciously guiding the Ouija board with your hands, through tiny movements that aren’t very observable. Yet, the subconscious mind holds many secrets to the Universe yet to be tapped. There isn’t anything that dangerous about a Ouija board in my opinion. I believe the most dangerous is the fear and superstitions that surround such things. Ouija boards are fun though, if you take it the right way, and if you want to believe in it than you might as well do it carefully. If you don’t believe, don’t bother contacting a spirit because it won’t work. Some people advise you not to use them if you are an alcoholic or smoke as like attracts like. However you approach it, approach it with caution. Either way, you are tapping into your subconscious if you can manage to get one to work.

This is how I will make mine. Firstly I will take a flat piece of wood from the hardware store roughly 1ft by 2ft. I will sand down the wood so it has is nice and smooth. Next, I find some wood stain and stain the board with two coats. My first coat would be regular polyurethane stain and sealer, after about three hours I will then put on another layer of this cherry wood stain that I like. I leave it overnight. The next day I will take my sketch which has the letters A-Z, maybe A-M on the top row and N-Z on the second and the numbers 1-9, 0, Yes on the left, No, Maybe, and Goodbye. You can get very creative with these boards. The sketch that I drew has different protective symbols, and I may glue small gemstone pieces as well as silver into the wooden board. So you have let the stain dry overnight. You can do a lot of boards at once if you are planning on selling a lot of them. So leave the boards out overnight.

In the morning decide how you are going to desing the boards. Should each be unique? Possibly, custom made to fit a specific spirituality? I would make an all purpose board for starters. My planchette is unusual in that it is a small glass dome shape. I will probably put three felt points on three points of the circle so that it can move smoothely over the board. I may also use wax paper and glue it to the bottom, cutting a smaller circle so only one letter will be visible as it is rather large. Planchettes are best made out of clear glass or wood with a clear magnifying center. If you want a glow in the dark board, just go get some cheap glow in the dark paint or spray paint. I am planning on spraying clear enamle over the board once it dries.

Next, I am taking clear plastic squares from the hardware store that are bigger than my board and with plastic cutters I will shape the plastic to put over my board. But only after the enamle dries and I have made my design. The design is entirely up to you. Acrylics would work good, especially if you are using my technique of gluing clear plastic over the board. You still see the wood, but it protects the design and the acrylics wouldn’t wash out with the plastic board over top of it. I am planning on using different sharpies to write the letters and numbers etc. and other designs, But I may give in and use my acrylics if I feel creative enough. If you are not that good with your hands, you can always print off the designs and glue or tape them to the board.

Pricing would vary. I recently was offered one for 160 dollars. I imagine they could get steeper depending on the care you put into it. Selling them on ebay would be a good start or some venue on the net. Also, thrift stores and outdoor flea markets would be great places to expose your fancy Ouija board designs. You can also get crafty with the packaging. Making a Ouija board is similar to painting a portrait…or any sort of handmade craft. You price it for how much you put into it, and also how much you value and think another would. I don’t think starting out with super high prices would be the way to go. Get popular, advertise in local newpapers, online, through mail, email, etc. Go to crafts fairs, it would be totally easy for anyone to get their boards to sell as long as you have people who want them, are into the occult and paranormal, or just want to have fun. Even people who take it completely seriously, who are trying to connect to a loved one. It’s all about tapping into levels of the spirit and subconscious within and without.

The unconscious responds to letters and symbols…and also since you are using your subconcious to seek guidance from the spirit world you should be positiive. The reason being if your comment is too outwardly negative it may become confused and answer “No” or “Maybe”. There are also now angel boards which are similar to Ouija or Spirit boards but they are less popular and more focused on positivity. You don’t have to follow the standard way to make your Ouija board. It’s just another form of divination, like tarot card reading, only this is more direct wherein you’re using your own physical hands to tap into your unconciouse to question the spiritual. If you are weak, or spiritually sensitive there are dangers because there are negatives that feed on shadow and unconciouse energy. You have to be the judge of what seems real and don’t get carried away if you suddenly have a highly charged message from this unknown spirit. If it is in fact a demon or a dark ghost. Never contact that ghost again and make sure you don’t.

Letting a neg. feed off your unconciouse will manifest more shadows in your mind and could lead to possession of sorts…or a negative attachment within your subconcious mind. I hope that doesn’t freak anyone out, becaues I am still a skeptic. Basically, there is the waking state and non-waking state. The hidden conscious information that collects within is precious and valuable. When contacting spirits you are tapping into both you conscious and unconscious state by using language, your physical hands moving the planchette, and the inner workings of your spirit and mind. That is why people recommend to be careful, as any spiritual activity that you are unfamiliar with as well can lead to harm. Even if it’s just your mind playing tricks on you, that in and of itself can freak a person out. There are methods of cleansing Ouija boards. Such as smudging the area or the board with sage smoke.

But have fun with it, because you shouldn’t take it too seriously. Be cautious, but not serious. Also, don’t be superstitious because to me that’s all about the history and fun of the Oujia board. If you believe that you can repel bad spirits with silver then the positive affirmation will make you feel more secure. Find things that do protect you, on a personal level. And, don’t dabble with the Ouija board too often…as you can’t replace human contact. If you are a spiritual investigator, you may find these views helpful in assessing your own take on the Ouija board. They can be fun, and its not really the actual boards or the symbols, it’s the way we use them that can cause the negativity and “evil”. Some people are empaths or sensitive to ghosts. They should be very careful when approaching these techniques. The physical board itself is just a tool to communicate, it cannot be haunted for the most part. I have to let you know that objects can become jinxed and bring misfortune if you use them improperly…unresolved karma and unfinished business is responsible for a lot of negative poltergeist activity.

In summary: The Ouija board can be fun and can be used for profit. They can help tap into levels of the subconciouse and without even attempting to contact a ghost. Negative Spirits and lower spirit attachments are harmful and you must take precautions against them….it is better to do this with a friend and not alone. And try to limit your use to using it occasionally when you’re in the right mood and space. Light candles and usually it works best when the moon is out and it’s darker and peacful. I would advice to have a power object with you when contacting them, opening in protection by praying or saying some affirmation.
Don’t project, just wait and observe. Like in remote viewing, do not distinguish an object for its shape or form but look beyond the shape and notice the feelings and get a general impression. Never use it to try and control someone’s mind, control a demon, because that WILL return to you imo, it will, because all our actions have consequences. Good luck!

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