Outdoor Dog Houses – Build Your Own Doghouse or Buy Pre-Built Dog House

Today, you can find many types of outdoor doghouses available in pet stores such as wooden doghouses, cedar wood doghouses and even igloo dog houses with heaters.

If you have a large sized dog, it would be best to keep it outdoors. However, before you do that, you need a shelter for your dog. Dog houses protect your pet from the wind, sun and cold winters. What type of doghouse you need depends a lot on your needs and your budget, so do a bit of thinking before buying one.

Traditionally, most doghouses come with a triangular roof which looks like a small hut. The most common material used is mostly wood which is practical although nowadays, you can choose different types of wood for your dog house such as cedarwood.

If you decide on building your own outdoor doghouse, I found several simple dog house plans online that are practical and shouldn�´t require too much time and money. Alternatively, you can visit the bookstore or Amazon to buy doghouse plans.

However, most people would prefer to buy pre-built wooden doghouses since it takes some time to build one yourself. Most pet retailers carry dog houses that are made from different materials such as plastic or foam.

Petco also sells high tech doghouses which provide insulation from cold winters as well as dog house air conditioners to keep your pet cool during the summer months. Of course the price is in the high range.

Since dogs are social animals and loved to be near their owners, it would be best to place your doghouse at the front or at the side of your house rather than at the back. If not, you might find your dog not wanting to sleep in the doghouse.

Also, make sure to keep the areas surrounding the doghouse clean. Nobody likes to sleep in a dirty home and that includes your dog as well.

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