Overview of Holographic Overlamination for ID Cards

Overlamination is an essential part of an ID card, and adding a holograph to the mix ensures it’s totally protected. Both the information and card body are protected through holographic overlamination. A holographic image and an overlaminate also protect a card from forgery or card tampering.

Holographic overlamination is produced when a hologram is transposed on an overlaminate film that is then applied using a digital printer that has specific properties that allow it to print overlaminates. Though it is the easiest and most secure to use, it also comes with a hefty price tag.

If you have only limited security, you’ll be okay using a stock image. A stock image is usually cheaper because less effort goes into making it. Since it is more affordable, yet still more secure than an ID card without a holograph, going stock is okay if you only need a minimum amount of security. The stock holographic image option is also good if you’re looking for something more affordable.

If you need greater security, creating a unique logo or holographic design ensures that your card is even safer. Holographic images that are unique are extremely costly. A holographic designer custom creates a design to your preferences and in most cases is not allowed to resell your design to someone else.

There’s a high probability that an average counterfeiter, and even a good one, won’t have either the skill or financial resources to lend to the process of creating quality forgeries of unique holograms.

There are also myriad other features that you can add to the holograph. Some examples are elements like text, precision repeats, and UV printing. These can add even more security to your card, and are worth looking into. If you go with a good, reputable company, you’ll retain all ownership and rights to your original holographic image.

If you require ease of use, the holographic overlaminate on an ID card allows for quick validation because all one has to do is take turn the card and take a quick glance. The holograph is instantly visible and can be seen in any lighting, both natural and artificial.

Offering great ease-of-use, durability and security, holographic overlaminate ID cards are an excellent choice for your security system whether your company is small or very large. Durable, tamper-proof, and highly secure, they add the deeper element of safety and security that your company might require.

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