PC Gamers Meet the Sims

Welcome to the Sims Nightlife where anything goes and your limits go beyond the sky. The creators of the Sims have taken the fun yet another notch higher. Now PC gamers have the option of purchasing hot cars, hotter outfits and going downtown on a date with one of the hottest men/women they’ve ever seen. Downtown has much to offer…from bars and clubs to museums and clothing stores. Before you get into the dating scene, why not find out just who arouses your fancy by scoping the room and watching what man/woman lights up like an angel of love.

New & improved graphics help you locate the person of your dreams, while potions purchased from the town matchmaker can improve your chances of landing your special someone. Get in gear, get dressed, splash on that mesmerizing cologne and go for it. In addition, if you aren’t feeling the night out on the town scene, why not have a date within the comfort of your own home. Either way, the date meter will let you know how well your date is going. On the other hand, if you haven’t planned ahead, you may land a rating of “disaster” on the date meter.

What are you waiting for? If it’s more money, enter “motherlode” in the cheat window by pressing CTR + SHIFT + C and watch your funds go to another level. If you haven’t purchased that sleek set of wheels, go through the buy menu and pick out your ride in a color/style of your choosing. Need the perfect outfit? Take a trip to one of downtown’s new clothing hot spots and purchase a suit/gown for a formal evening or a fitting pair of jeans/slacks for a more casual date.

The Sims Nightlife has something enjoyable for everyone. If you are a party animal, in your own right; you will definitely enjoy living it up in one of the happening clubs or bars found in this awesome expansion pack. Get ready, set, go for the gusto. Live the life you dream about through one of the most fascinating PC games ever created. PC gamers meet the Sims Nightlife…where your dream life is just a click away.

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