PEX Plumbing Part 6a, TOOLS!

This article is in addition to my PEX plumbing tool guide. The first picture shows a ” GO – NO GO ” gauge. This slips over the connections you have made to assure that they are crimped correctly. As I said in my main article I did not use them to check every connection that I made but used them when I changed size heads in my crimping tool. These gauges can be purchased separately or as part of a crimping tool set.

The second photo shows a crimp ring cutting/removing tool. I do recommend this as it was very handy for mistakes I made. They work very well when used correctly, but for that please read my main article. They are also very handy for changes or later repairs to your plumbing system and very affordable.

Photo number three shows a PEX tubing cutter. This is an optional tool but as I said in my main tool article, I do not do well with knives. PEX tubing may be cut with any sharp blade or knife but the cut needs to be clean and even. Jagged cuts or cuts made on an angle will not seat as well on the connector and will have a greater potential for leakage.

Most PEX plumbing tools are available for rental but the thought of having to return tools does not thrill me. They are widely available for purchase both on-line and in major home building supply stores. The costs vary but they can be found at quite reasonable prices. In general I recommend that you purchase you own tools if possible. That way if you do have mistakes or leaks later you can correct them and you will have the ability to add on or change your system later.

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