Pain and Confusion: The Emotional Agony & Confusion of One Woman’s Internal Battle with Love

Confusion comes,
And it takes its toll.
Spinning me in circles.
Making me so cold.

My heart says one thing.
My mind says another.
Should we,
Or should we not be together?

I feel like I am sinking
In a sea of despair.
Slowly drowning,
And no one cares.

Who can I turn to?
There is no one there for me�
Because they don’t understand.
They just don’t see.

They cannot comprehend
The love I feel for you.
They do not understand
The pain you put me through.

Here I am,
All confused once again.
We are starting over,
But will it end?

Love and pain
Engulf me with their waves.
Pulling me down.
So deep I cannot be saved.

Or is it all in my mind?
One big illusion?
Brought on by
The pain and confusion?

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