Pain in the Head, Fire in the Soul

It was a Friday noon on the 7th Of Jyly 2000 and very warm temperature, the sun was shining brightly. I was making myself ready for the trip by packing almost all of my clothes to be away for one night. A friend came to get us with his car and we left.
We went to get two more friends. Now the trip could begin. It was hot like in a sauna and the feeling was high. Guys were thirsty on the back seat and they drank some cider and then gave me all the bottle bottoms. We were joking about things the whole trip to Helsinki. We stopped in Linnatuuli cafeteria and gas station, which is the common resting place between Helsinki and Tampere.

I was quite drunk when we got to Helsinki. We drove to a parking lot near the Festival area wchich was then in now destroyed VR macasines.
At the minute we stopped, I ran out of the car to the nearest bush, I felt sick. Of course my dress was a mess after that. Luckily one person had a flat in Helsinki so I could use his shower. I was shivering and pale when we got there. I was now happy that I had packed so many clothes with me.
After the shower I felt like a new born siren and was ready to party. We went to the Festival area and I felt excited. We were walking around the area to find a familiar face, I was drinking some homemade. I had these small sandelets in my feet and the whole area was full of this crushed stone so the walking was difficult to me.

The bands begun to play and I was watching. When Satyricon began to play I went close to the stage and it was quite a bad idea. I am a short person and I got hit by gauntlets all the time, and my feet were quite flat after the performance. Almost all the people around me had undergroud shoes and they stepped on my toes. My toes were black and I didnt feel them but I was too drunk to care. Some of my hair had been pulled off too, it was now in someone’s gauntlet as a decoration.
We headed to the bar area and watched Pain. I din’t like it so much back then but now I do. I met many people I knew and had a lot of fun, I think.
I collected all the free metal magazines I could and then we left the area to spend the night in the flat of a friend. Before that we went to the bars of Helsinki. It wasn’t a good idea either. We lost the friend who owned the flat and we were walking around knowing not how to get there. At least there were all kinds of little store windows to watch.
My toes were in a bad shape and I was really drunk. We found one of our friends who was traveling with us and then we tried to head on to the flat. It began to rain of course. There was about 3 kilometers to go but it took for 2 hours.
Finally we got to the flat and went to sleep to continue the festival the next day..

I woke up to a hangover like never before. I couldnt drink or eat anything. I took a medicine and went to a shower which was like a wardrobe, I almost didnt fit in and could barely turn around because I was very obese then. Afterwards I felt better and ate a pizza.
We left to the Festival area, but before that we went to walk in the city to buy some drinks and drink them in a park before going into the area.
The second day was much more peaceful compared to the Friday, although I was a non-willing target to drunk guys to kiss..

I had some good time anyway. When the show was over the six of us went to this small car and began to drive back home. The trip back home was quite silent and most of us were just sleeping.

The lesson I have learnt from this trip is to: never drink many bottoms of a bottle in a warm car, never take sandalets to a metal festival and never drink too much.

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