Top Ten Songs by Brandy

Brandy Norwood was born on February 11, 1979 in McComb, Mississippi. Whether you know her from the television show “America’s Got Talent”, or even “Moesha”, it can not be denied that Brandy is a delightful and mature young adult.

My memories of Brandy begin in the mid 1990’s. One of the first CD’s that I ever purchased was the “I Wanna Be Down” single. Brandy was always someone that I could readily relate to. She seemed like just one of my own friends. I have continued to follow her career and have remained a Brandy fan.

I have managed to complete a top ten list of Brandy songs. All of the songs that I picked are still in rotation in my music collection!

“I Wanna Be Down”

Singing talent and sincerity was shown in this breakthrough Brandy classic. “I Wanna Be Down” was a change from the flashiness of the early 1990’s. It introduced a new mellow style that would not be forgotten. I listened this song for hours when I was a teenager and still enjoy listening to it now.

“The Boy is Mine”

What a song and a controversy! “The Boy is Mine” was a duet sang with fellow star Monica. “The Boy is Mine” enjoyed much success as it told the story of two rivals for a young man’s attention. Speculations about behind the scenes struggling between Monica and Brandy worked to fuel the popularity of this well crafted and executed song. “The Boy is Mine” reintroduced Brandy as a powerhouse vocalist.


With a simple title and catchy lyrics, “Baby” was an instant hit. Brandy showed that hit songs did not need to contain raunchy lyrics to be successful. “Baby” managed to capture the emotions of a crush while still maintaining innocence and femininity.


Sang as a duet with Wanya Morris from R&B group Boyz II Men, “Brokenhearted” further solidified Brandy’s hold on her fans. The vocal arrangements and lyrics were sincere and beautifully sang. “Brokenhearted” managed to capture the deep emotion that comes from a break up.

“Almost Doesn’t Count”

How true indeed! “Almost Doesn’t Count” became my personal motto. Not only did the song explore a relationship gone wrong, it made you stop and think about life in general. Whether it’s a relationship, job, or sports performance, giving your best is only option. Guess what? Almost really doesn’t count!

“Sittin Up In My Room”

Featured in the popular movie “Waiting to Exhale”, “Sittin Up In My Room” showed Brandy in a situation that is very easy to relate to. The song tells the story of a young woman sitting in her room thinking about the young man she adores. “Sittin Up In My Room” is Brandy at her best. Brandy manages to sing the song in a sweet yet confident manner giving the rest of us confidence in the process.

“Angel in Disguise”

I must admit that I was confused the first time I heard this song! It took some time before I actually got the meaning. When I did, I realized that “Angel in Disguise” was an incredible song. Sweetly executed as only Brandy can, this song is a classic Brandy hit! I implore everyone to listen to “Angel in Disguise” to truly understand the meaning. Just listening to the song will provide you much musical enjoyment.

“Have You Ever”

This ballad revealed yet another side to Brandy. It showcased her vast vocal experience and heartfelt emotion. “Have You Ever” marks a turning point in my view of Brandy. Although her previous hits included songs about crushes and breakups, this song just felt different. “Have You Ever” was the beginning of Brandy the superstar.

“Full Moon”

Brandy proudly emerged back in to the music scene with this “Full Moon”. This song tells the story of spotting that someone special from across a crowded room. The lyrics were well written and the vocals were refreshing. “Full Moon’ Showed off the fun and flirty side of Brandy.

“Talk About Our Love”

This song was a collaboration with Kanye West. Not only were the lyrics cool, the musical accompaniment was brilliant! “Talk About Our Love” received much airplay and critical acclaim. Brandy proved that she was still in the game with this single.

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