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Do you love music? Of course you do, and if you don’t, well, it’s time you started listening to to the cool sounds of D Brown.

Another talented musician on, this lyrical and musical genius will keep bringing you back for more. His style is a compilation of different genres from R&B, Progressive Rock, and Soul…you name it, he does it all.

His voice, rich and polished, carries you away…sensual lyrics…up-beat…soulful…and heartfelt all come to mind when I hear his songs. The beats will keep you moving and the music will help you remember those moments…the celebrations in life we seem to forget.

When listening to his songs, I can’t help fall in love with all of them. I have to admit, though, I do have my favorites. “Musical” is often kept on repeat for those times I need to “let go” of it all because it helps me do just that. Those up-tempo beats get me moving when even the strongest coffee can’t. The catchy lyrics, “point-point-counterpoint,” stick in my head as well as plaster a huge smile on my face. I believe his vibe is contagious…

“On My Own” helps me sit back and groove…imagining what it would be like in a strange city staring out a window in an empty apartment…with my music keeping me company…but missing something…someone…

His infectious smile, as rich and inviting as his music, also appeals to you and says “I’m genuine…I’m unique…Listen to me.” With such sincerity in his music and personality, it’s obvious why there are 2170 people listed as his friends and more being added each day.

If you want to check out the unforgettable sounds of D Brown, and I highly recommend you do, visit his my space by following this link: D Brown .

Word of Caution: His music is highly addictive.

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