Palmolive Pure & Clear Concentrated Dish Liquid

For the past 10 years I have been trying to use all natural cleaners in my home. These were hard to find, and often available only online or through mail order, and they were also much more expensive than traditional cleaners. However, a few companies are stepping up to the plate and are now making a line of products that are all natural. Clorox was one of the first mainstream companies to do so, and now the Colgate-Palmolive Company is following suit.

This morning my local Fred Meyer store had an end display of Polmolive Pure + Clear, and they were on sale for only $1.50. I could not pass it up, even though I have some Seventh Generation dishsoap in my pantry, I had to give this new product a try, and the price was very appealing!


Colgate-Palmolive makes this Pure + Clear in two scents, Spring Fresh and Sparkling Fresh, I purchased the Spring Fresh. This product comes in a handsome 20 ounce plastic bottle, with a slight hour glass shape, and the contents are as clear as water. The front of the bottle says this concentrated dish liquid will deep clean dishes, leaving no harmful residue. The top has the familiar push/pull spout.


* No unnecessary chemicals

* No heavy fragrances

* Non-irritating dyes

* Biodegradable cleaning ingredients

* 25%-75% post consumer recycled plastic

* Phosphate free

* Hypoallergenic

* Attacks grease

* Rinses off dishes leaving no harmful residue

My Experience

My husband made a stir fry for dinner last night, and our wok shaped fry pan was left quite greasy. It had been filled with hot water and had been sitting in the sink since last evening. I felt that this was a great dish to try out the Palmolive Pure + Clear on.

I had a bit of a difficult time getting the nozzle pulled up to open the lid, but once I did it squeezed out easily. Almost too easily, and since this is concentrated I will be more careful in the future about how much I use. As I ran hot water into the wok, the detergent immediately started to make suds and the entire kitchen reflected the Spring Fresh scent. I can’t say that it’s my favorite smelling dish detergent, I prefer lavender or citrus, but it wasn’t terrible. I will try the “Sparkling Fresh” scent the next time.

Sometimes when a detergent makes a lot of suds, it can be difficult to rinse them away. You have probably experienced this, especially if you have soft water. True to their claim, however, these suds did in fact rinse away very quickly and easily, and there did not seem to be any residue left behind. I appreciate that this cleaner is so easy to rinse off and doesn’t take extra time on my part to get the suds rinsed off completely.

Not only did the Palmolive Pure + Clear clean my wok, it left it squeaky clean. Curious to know how well this would clean clear drinking glasses, I washed those next, and was again pleasantly surprised. My glasses were left sparkling clean, and dried spotless with no water spots whatsoever. I appreciate that this dish soap contains no phosphates, as this is much better for the environment. The only negative remark I have is that this product definitely seemed to make my hands dry, but that’s not a big deal when my home is full of hand lotions, or I guess I can always wear rubber gloves.

If you perfer all natural cleaners, I would recommend this product. The bottle still says to keep out of the reach of children and not to use with chlorine bleach, so be sure and take those precautions. Unfortunately, the bottle does not list any ingredients.

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