Pampered Chef Stones: The Best Kitchen Product Money Can Buy

I cook…a lot. I cook at least one meal a day, and most days, two. I have tried many, MANY products for my kitchen, and I can tell you, the best product, by far, are stones from The Pampered Chef.

Yes, I said STONES. Now, I say that because, depending on what you are cooking, there are several shapes and sizes. There is a 9×13 baker, a deep dish baker that is round with sides, round stones in 2 sizes with no sides, a bar pan, which is a cookie sheet size…and many more. There is even a set of stones you can buy to make a roaster.

I used to be a consultant. I’m not anymore, but the reason I started was the stones. I just couldn’t get over them. Nothing burns on these suckers! Not on the bottom, anyway. And with 3 kids running through the house, it is easy to get distracted and forget something in the oven. Something else I like is that with something simple, like chicken nuggets or french fries, I don’t have to turn them or stir them or whatever. I am much too lazy for THAT.

The stoneware is made from clay. They DO break if you drop them or something, but they have a great warranty. Three years. Simply follow the directions on the back of your receipt and they will send you a new one, no questions asked. They have classic ones, that are just plain, and they have glazed ones with either vanilla or cranberry colored outsides. Both are absolutely beautiful. They bake evenly. They cook BEAUTIFULLY. Each one comes with care cards and recipes. You just can’t beat them! There are even cookbooks you can purchase to help you in the recipe department.

The Classic collection runs between $15- $40. I believe the glazed ones run just a few dollars higher. Of course, they run them on sale periodically, usually inSeptember, and you can earn them free by hosting a show with a consultant, which, before I sold them, I did. Often. They generally come out with new ones twice a year.

I have 2 of most sizes. Once you start using them, you will no longer be interested in metal baking pans. I threw mine out within weeks of getting my stones. You can make anything on them that you would put in the oven, and there are stones for every occasion.

To pick one…a starter stone….I recommend the bar pan. It is the size and shape of a cookie sheet and since it has sides, you can cook things with or without juices. We use ours for biscuits, chicken, pizzas, fries…just about everything. My kids even love to cook on them. There really is no down side.

I hope you will consider adding a kitchen stone from The Pampered Chef to your collection. I don’t think you will ever regret it.

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