Panasonic Advanced LCD TV Review

Sometimes, it seems that there are far too many mediocre televisions to choose from when you’re shopping for a new entertainment source. If you are looking to not spend more than $200, than you can find several televisions that will allow you to watch your favorite movie or TV show, however, these products will not last very long and the overall quality is less than desirable. If you are willing to up your spending price by only a few hundred dollars, you are able to find a television that will last you and your family many years, and it will be outfitted with some of the best features in the industry. A great example of this type of television is the Panasonic Advanced LCD TV, Model: TC-26LX70. This television is perfect for any type of user, and since it is a Panasonic, you are guaranteed to have a stable and long-lasting product.

While this television only has a 26″ LCD panel, you are still going to enjoy the benfits of having a high-profile television, just smaller than normal. Even though the screen is smaller, it is still within range to be used in a smaller living room, bedroom or even your office. One of the features that make this television stand out for me is the widescreen feature, which is quite similar to those used by actual movie theater screens. Because of this ratio, you are able to enjoy high-definition programming, as well as DVDs, unlike never before. While many companies like to advertise that you can feel like you’re in the movies, this television will “recreate” the images that are seen on movie screens. Of course, you cannot get the true sense of being at the theater from a 26″ television; the images will be accurate with detail and will have smooth transitions that make movies so enjoyable to watch.

This television also features a high pixel count, which will give you extreme detail. With such a high pixel count and a the ultra-sensitive resolution display, the images on the screen will be extremely lifelike. This is one of the features that I enjoy most about this television. You can really tell the difference of image quality with this television when you watch DVDs, or even Cartoons (SpongeBob never looked so good). The HDTV pixels allow this television to add simplistic curves and smoothed edges, which take the roughness out of standard cable television. You can find this Panasonic HDTV for an average price of $675 – keep your eye out on this model, word has it that it is on sale at numerous home electronic retail stores.

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