Tricks of Surviving in Hard Times

Food prices are sure to double in the next few years, stocking up on non-perishable items is a wise investment. Keeping all your money in the bank at low interest rates is foolish when it could be invested in the food you will be eating. The space underneath your bed can hold up to one thousand cans of tuna. One hundred pound sacks of rice and pasta could fill up unused parlor space. An empty room can be loaded with boxes of cereal products. Use your imagination and your savings will run into thousands of dollars.

Heating and cooling prices will keep on rising but you can beat their higher costs by wise conservation habits. Disable your home heating system; you will not freeze to death. A little chill will not kill you. Take out some of the old sweaters that you haven’t used in years and wear them in your home when the weather starts getting cold. It will be worth the pain when you see your low heating bill.

Never turn on your air conditioner in the summer months. If you do you will be defeating your purpose of cutting expenses in hard times. A hot apartment is preferable to high cost electric bills. Keep your windows open and enjoy the summer breeze. Windows were made to open up in the summer and close in the winter. Remember keep the window panes clean because it is important to let in sunlight. Keep the lights off when sunlight is free. All these added savings could buy you more food.

Owning an automobile is the most foolish thing in hard times. The high cost of gasoline and maintenance will destroy your budget. Sell it and use the money to invest in one hundred pound bags of rice. Those bags will double in price in the next few months. If you needed the auto to get to work, hook up with a car pool. You can pay the driver with bags of rice. Buy a used delivery boys bicycle it will help you with food shopping.

You are almost ready to survive in hard times. There are a few items that I have left out and they are the dumpsters in parking lots of fast food restaurants. In them you will find delights that will blow your mind. Dumpsters are the greatest freebie in the world, and you can have your pick. If you have compassion for your neighbors spread my words of wisdom. But never disclose the location of your favorite dumpster, keep that one for yourself.

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