Pancreatic Cancer Organization Kicks Off Campaign in November

The Life Bulb campaign by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PANCAN) will shed light on pancreatic cancer bringing national attention to the disease and November’s Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

You can show your support for pancreatic cancer by purchasing a Life Bulb kit online at and placing one in every window.

The kit also contains three purple iris bulbs; a symbol of the valor exhibited by survivors and loved ones facing pancreatic cancer and three Dutch iris bulbs.

During fall, plant the iris bulbs about 3″ underground, cover the surface with mulch if there is a danger of freezing, and rake away the mulch after the danger of freezing has passed. The irises will start appearing late spring.

It is best to plant your iris bulbs in the fall before the ground freezes. Keep the bulbs cool until planting, soak bulb in water, select a pot with a drain hole and saucer, plant the bulbs 1″ under the soil mix, and place in good light near a window. Make sure to keep the soil moist while you are waiting.

Robert H., of Philadelphia, PA found out in July last year when he was 44 that he had pancreatic cancer. He said he received over 80 cards, wishing him a speedy recovery.

Michael D. of Killeen, TX, said that in mid-March 2004 while at work a friend of his told him he had yellow eyes. He said there is life after cancer.

Bev S. of Banning, CA was diagnosed by CT scan as having a 3mm tumor on the head of her pancreas in Feb. 2004. In April she started chemotherapy, hoping to shrink the tumor away from the blood vessel. By October a CT scan revealed that her tumor had shrinked 50 percent. Even though she had a lot of setbacks, pain, and infections, she said she never thought that she wasn’t going to have the surgery and that the cancer was going to be cut out of her. She said her husband and daughter constantly give her the encouragement she needs – and never falter in their love and understanding.

“I would have to say the key to keeping my spirits and up throughout this ordeal is the love and support of my family and friends,” said Beverly. “I am still fighting. I pray for all who are struggling with this disease.”

Virginia Griffin, coordinator of the Fort Worth PANCAN office ( which is having an Oct. 22nd fundraiser, said that there are a lot of people like her who have lost loved ones and are doing events across the country, increasing awareness, doing whatever they can to increase awareness.

The Lasting Impression Garden is a virtual iris garden to support the pancreatic cancer community available on You can plant one in honor of a loved one or make a tribute by adding an iris to an existing garden. To find a garden browse through the gardens by moving your mouse cursor over each iris grouping on the site. To quickly find a tribute garden you can look through the alphabetical listing of active and archived gardens there.

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