How to Stop a Panic Attack Naturally, Without Medicine

Do you have frequent panic attacks? Are you looking for information on treatment for panic attacks? There are many different ways to go about facilitating the treatment for panic attacks, both with the assistance of medication and by natural means. Panic attacks occur in different frequencies according to each different person who gets them, but reports show that nearly every sufferer goes through a similar process of a given set of predetermined symptoms, with the overall fear that something awful is happening to them or that they are dying. Some people get panic attacks in relation to situations in which even non-sufferers of panic attacks may get nervous, such as public speaking or taking an important test. Other times, the panic attacks are a direct symptom of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, also known, appropriately, as Panic Disorder. Sometimes these types of anxiety attack sufferers experience panic attacks in relation to nerve upsetting situations, but it is also quite often that their panic attacks simply come on out of the blue. These instances are arguably the scariest of the types because there are no external causes that are obviously causing one’s body to react in these abnormal ways. Your heart may be pounding, you may feel lightheaded, dizziness, racing thoughts of pending danger, choking feelings, inability to breathe well, possibly nausea and tingling sensations in various parts of your body. If nothing you can see is blatantly causing your body to react this way, it is completely normal for you to get frightened. However, what most people who experience panic attacks don’t realize is that this fearful feeling in relation to the bodily sensations being experience, tends to escalate the intensity of those sensations and make the panic attack worse. What the sufferer really needs to do is simply do whatever she or he can to relax. It seems obvious but it also, in the moment, seems impossible. Below are some ways to help facilitate the relaxation of the body in order to stop a panic attack. These methods are tried and true and are used by some of the top doctors at the most prestigious psychiatric hospitals operating today.

The quickest way to learn how to stop a panic attack from getting worse is to practice deep breathing. This necessary deep breathing, referred to as diaphragmatic breathing is almost an imperative part of how to stop a panic attack, but when your body is in such a state of anxiety, focusing on proper breathing can be very difficult. Diaphragmatic breathing, named appropriately because you breath directly from your diaphragm, is the type of deep breathing often used for meditation. It slows your body down, sends a great deal of oxygen to your brain, which in turn, takes away your lightheadedness and tingly feelings. Diaphragmatic breathing is definitely something that is a practiced skill and one prone to panic attacks actually w0uld be wise to try and master diagrammatic breathing at times when anxiety is low so that it can be practiced naturally in times of need. There area a couple good ways to assist oneself in practicing diaphragmatic breathing. One is to breathe slowly with your hand over your stomach. If you are practicing true deep breathing, your hand will rise and fall as your stomach expands and contracts as you inhale and exhale. Your body is going to try to make you quicken your breath and your heard might palpitate wildly, distracting you, but if you get off track just try again. Keep breathing slowly. Often times lying down on the floor or bed or other flat surface with your chest down helps to maintain the de4ep breathing rhythm. Another surefire way is to put the opening of a small paper bag over your mouth and breath in and out if it, allowing the bag to blow up completely and then shrinks down completely. If you are prone to panic attacks, it might be wise to keep a paper bag like that handy at all times, including when you go out.

Another way to help- stop a panic attack in its tracks is by distracting oneself physically from the uncomfortable sensations going on in the body. This includes stimulating the senses by other means so as to help redirect the minds focus of attention. One idea is to put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it gently on your arm. Another ideas is to hold an ice pack or even eat an ice cube. This method of redirecting the focus of discomfort is similar to the idea of one pinching themselves while getting a shot at the doctors or getting a tattoo or piercing. The method is very successful.

Another way of how to stop a panic attack consists of keeping your mind from thinking catastrophic thoughts thus making the anxiety worse, by focusing on objective, factual thoughts instead. The goal is to get your mind so absorbed by these simple, Definitive thoughts that eventually you foerget to panic and the attack slows down. A great way to do this consists of a little game one can play by themselves or, preferably with others who happen to be around and willing to help. What you do is take turns naming object in the room as you see them. The idea is to go back and forth calling out the words as they first come to mind, but doing so without attaching any meaning or judgment over them. Therefore you must stick to naming neutral items in the room. Its actually quite easy once you start. So, for instance you and your partner might go back and forth with the words, “wall”, “white” , “bookshelf”, “books”, etc and it is the key to success of this game that you allow the next thought to come without letting yourself reminisce for instance about the day you bought that bookshelf or about what books you have or how many or who knows what you need to do to get more, etc. What helps even more in this game is to do completely neutral things like counting the number of stripes on a nearby towel or words on a poster, colors on a painting. Just go with it and you will get the hang of it. Son you will notice that your symptoms are no longer getting the best of you because you’ll be distracted yourself from them.

These methods of how to stop a panic attack can be used individually or even simultaneously, but the key is you must always remember that the fear is all in your head. So do whatever you can to calm down and if these methods help you great. Practice them a few times and soon you’ll be a pro when it comes to how to stop a panic attack and you might even be able to make up your own methods of how to stop one.

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