Possible Radioactive Foods and Pet Foods: Fukushima Meltdown’s Aftermath

There are several websites where I regularly read articles over the safety issues concerning foods, both for human consumption and for pets; those being Susan Thixton’s “Truth About PetFood.com”, Dr. Mercola’s website and the Natural Society website, there are of course scores of others I regularly go to read articles. It’s been through such websites and their articles that I get updates and concerns about the health dangers and safety factors of a variety of chemical additives in foods, again both human and pet foods, such as MSG, Aspartame, Fructooligosaccharide and Carrageean, the later two often added to some pet foods, just to name a few. Then of course, I keep tabs about Monsanto GMO/GE (Genetically Modified Organisms/Genetically Engineered) foods, or what I call “Frankenfoods.”

During the past many years, we have witnessed numerous recalls of foods, again both for humans (spinach, peanut butter, tomatoes, cantaloupe..the list is endless) and of course pet foods. Most food contamination is due to either e. Coli, Salmonella or Listeria, but not exclusively to just these three bacterias. Who can forget, perhaps the largest pet food recall back in March of 2007, when the many varieties and labels of pet foods, including Iams, and under the manufacture of Menu Foods that occurred? The real irony is that this same manufacturer of pet foods and the FDA was aware of the contamination months before an official FDA recall. The contamination was not due strictly to bacteria due to exported contaminated wheat, rice and corn gluten from China, but also due to melamine being added to the pet foods. Unfortunately, before the official recall of these pet foods, the damage was done. Many pets suffered from health issues, especially renal failure and death. (1)

In the years following 2007, many more pet food recalls have occurred, and not limited to commercial brands of pet foods, but some of the more “natural” or organic types as well. Almost a week doesn’t go by when I’m made aware of yet again another pet food recall. I’ve even created a group over at Facebook called “Bringing Awareness Of What Is In Commercial Pet Foods”. My group is not limited to just the safety factors of pet foods, but any and all pet products, such as the toxicity of flea and tick products as well; many of these products have proven lethal as well, and as of yet, the FDA nor the EPA have recalled or banned such use of products.

Now comes a new concern for both humans and pets, and that is any food products, especially fish caught in the Pacific Ocean and from Japan, but not limited to that country. I came across an article just today over at the Natural Society website over the concerns of the radiation fallout due to the Fukushima Power Plant meltdown that occurred as a result from the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March of 2011.

Here’s an edited quote from that article:

“The mega Fukushima meltdown continues to assault the planet on a daily basis with barrages of radioactive fallout that have infiltrated everything from our international food supply to the Pacific OceanâÂ?¦Fisheries continue to operate and governments continue to pretend nothing has gone wrongâÂ?¦. just keep eating seafood from Japan and don’t mind the fact that radiation levels are still spiking. And definitely don’t mind the EPA raising ‘acceptable limits’ of radiation in your food supply.”

To read the article in its entirety, one can read it here

I’m not surprised by either the FDA or EPA’s lack of concern about “acceptable” (or non-acceptable) levels of radiation. As I see it both government agencies are not the careful watchdogs to safety concerns over food and/or any other product for human or pet consumption. Anytime I hear the words, as in promoting some medication on TV, “Approved by the FDA” frankly I stay away from the particular product. How many medications for instance, are “approved” by the FDA, only later gaining severe warnings of triggering some further health issue?

My concern now is with pet foods, particularly, more with cat food than dog food that contain any kind of fish or seafood and that would include tuna, shrimp, and crab, however I give a link to ALL the fish of the Pacific Ocean. (2) Do we know for a certainty just where that fish is from? Wasn’t there even a concern and safety factor over any seafood caught in the Gulf Waters due to the BP oil spill of 2010 and contamination that affected the fishing industry there, not to mention other wildlife that was affected?

Since unfortunately the USA has done so much outsourcing from other countries to get products on the cheap, so to say, and that would include ingredients for any kind food, both for humans and pets, how long will it be before radioactive, contaminated fish (or other food products) shows up not only in food for humans but in pet foods? There could even be issues with seafood caught anywhere in the Pacific Ocean area, and that would include the entire western coast of North and South America. Why? The radioactive fallout from Japan has been moving throughout the Pacific Ocean and is estimated to reach the west coast in full in 2014. (3)

Worse case scenario yet, such radioactive and contaminated foods may be in our foods already; it could take months, perhaps years before any effects of such contaminated food show any affect, and longer for the FDA gets its act together for any official recall.


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