Paradise Theatre to Open in New York City

Paradise Theatres 40 will be a new movie theatre opening in New York City.

� This movie theatre will feature 40 screens of movie theatres with small auditoriums that guests and their friends can rent out.

� We will be studying our competition (AMC Theatres Empire 25 in NYC) and building upon their strengths.

� Our theatre will allow people to order tickets online, have stadium seating in private auditoriums seating 25 people

o Tray tables for in-theatre dining; remote controls will be attached to the back of seats for full-service food and beverages.

o Wall-to-wall picture with digital surround sound and digital picture (the theater will not show movies on film projectors like many people do today).

o Deep-cushioned, custom-designed rocking recliner chairs with lift up armrests

o Dolby Digital Surround Sound

� There will be a VIP Special Events program established allowing frequent customers to get free soda, popcorn, and even movie tickets. The program will incorporate a member account similar to a Stop & Shop grocery account. Although members must give out personal information to get the card, the card is free and it will give them many benefits based on how often they come to the theatre.

o Birthday Parties for Kids, Halloween Horror Fest, Friday the 13th Horror Fest, Christmas Movie Fest, Silver Screen Classics with movies from the ’30s to the 80’s, Viewer’s Choice

� Customers will be able to choose the movie they would like to watch during festival events

âÂ?¢ Promotional Period will run for 2 weeks: open house style event runs for 1st week allowing patrons to just walk-in to the theatre, 2nd week half-off admission – patrons will then have to call or order on-line ahead of time

� Food that will be available:

o Appetizers like chicken wings, chips, popcorn, etc.

o Wine, beer, cocktails, and martinis

o Sandwiches/Pizza/Ice cream/Various desserts/Specialty drinks

o Will make deals with food vendors: Nathan’s, Pizza Hut, Ben & Jerry’s, fine restaurants

� This will be the newest facility in NYC allowing meetings, fundraisers, seminars, and parties to join in on the fun.

� A complimentary valet-service parking garage will be underneath the facility to allow patrons a safe place to park their car

(a) Marketing Objectives & Strategies

Market Segmentation should not be difficult since a movie theater provides entertainment for people of all ages, everyone loves to go to the movies. This year round business is air-conditioned in the summer and perfect for poor weather days. Stadium seating, smaller viewing areas for groups, remote refreshment ordering, wait service and reserved seating make this theater different from others. Viewers can have member accounts similar to a charge card that goes with the points system. People will pay for comfort and enjoyment.

Geographic Segmentation will determine the success of the theater. The cost of tickets will be higher because of the features the theatre has. Research will indicate the best geographical (and demographical) area for the theater. The theater investors will pay for the research. An area where there are malls or outlets near a metro area would be best for attracting a large number of movie viewers. Psychographics of the viewers will be important for understanding what services viewers will be looking for at the theater.

There will be different pricing options depending on the viewer’s age and the time of the day that the movie is shown. Matinee adult will be before 5 PM and cost $7.50 and the Evening adult ticket will be $10.00. A child ticket (12 and under) will be $6.75 all the time. Seniors (55 and better) will pay $6.75 all the time also. Students and Military tickets (with a valid ID) will be $8.25. There will be discount Tuesday when certain movies will tickets will be two dollars less than normal prices. Also, midnight or third shift movie times might be a weekend option that will be popular for night people.

The theater will also have a point system where viewers can receive points in the form of stamps for each visit to the theater. The points will earn free popcorn, drinks and free movies, of course! The theater can give away yearly theater member accounts at public events, the theater will sponsor community events, advertising on the radio and in the newspaper, maybe even sponsoring local drama shows. Local retailers and business people can purchase ads before movies are shown which will help the theater to make a profit or pay the employees wages.

One issue might be that people enjoy staying home more often now in their surround sound living rooms and don’t want to pay to go to the movies. Going to the movies is usually a social event though, people have dinner, and meet and people don’t always want to stay home on the weekends. This theater has features that are different from others and being a member at one theater, will make you a loyal customer.

Market segmentation: We will be marketing the movie theatre to affluent residents of New York City making $75,000 or more a year. Average age of an audience member will be 35. We will make special programs to encourage all age groups and all income groups to visit the theater.

Geographic segmentation: New York City area attracting residents from a 25-mile radius

Normal Pricing = $15.00 adults, $12.00 65+, $12.00 12 and under

Kids Programs= $10.00 adults and 65+, $9.00 kids

Teen Programs= $10.00 adults and 65+, $9.00 with school ID

Senior Programs= $9.00 65+, $10.00 kids and adults

Multiple Movie Programs= $20.00 adults, $15.00 65+, $15.00 12 and under

Name: Paradise Theatres
� We will package several movies together for special movie nights.

� Club membership gives patrons discounts, such as watch 3 movies see one movie free if all four are viewed in one month

âÂ?¢ Food vendors will be involved with special move nights; i.e. kids movie night will feature Papa Gino’s – kids have the option to have table service or have pizza before the movie

Market Related Issues:
� Phase 1: Theatres 1 thru 5 open (phase 2 will start after 1.5 yrs of phase 1 completion and profit evaluation)

� Phase 2: Theatres 6 thru 10 open (only if profit evaluation warrants)

âÂ?¢ Advertising on WCBS News Radio 88 for grand opening – this media appeals to businessman

âÂ?¢ We will request a $50,000 loan from People’s Bank to pay for advertising and construction of the theatre

� Theater construction will take 9 months

âÂ?¢ We will own the property that we will be using; it will be cheaper in the long run because we avoid having to pay rent – ideally we would like to buy an existing building or lot and use only a portion (60% or less) and rent the rest to food vendors who will be located inside the theatre

� We need a space that is 100,000 square feet


Immaculate Entertainment will use special benefits and offers to help promote our newest theater. With our special promotions we plan to convince the public that our theater will be the latest and greatest thing. The media will be playing a major role in our promotion. With help from media such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, our company feels that we will successfully be able to reach enough people to be recognized.

Our special promotions will run for a ten week period of time. The special rewards and benefits our customers will receive will help them be attracted to our theater. During this time period we feel people will start to realize the uniqueness of our theater.
The first ten thousand people to come to our theater will receive a free drink and appetizer with their meals. Also every one hundredth customer will receive free admission to out theater. We feel that this will motivate people to want to be our first customers. Our first twenty five thousand customers will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes. Our sweepstakes will be for a brand new car or an all expense paid trip for two to Hawaii. Two separate winners will be selected one for each prize.
Promoting our theater through radio we feel will be another effective way of reaching people. Each radio station in the area will be given five movie packs to give away to listeners. Each movie pack will contain a pair of admission tickets and two vouchers for a free meal. Giving each radio station a movie pack will help target a variety of audiences about our theater.

Local newspapers, radio stations, television stations, and magazines will be at our grand opening. This will be the perfect opportunity for articles and segments to be done on our new theater. This will help to advertise our location and services to the public. Our grand opening event will be spectacular. Ads will run in newspapers, magazines, on television, and radio for two weeks up until the event inviting people to come down and check it out. Coupons with special discounts and savings will be printed for people to come down and get in for a cheaper price. During our grand opening we will have free food, events, and radio station DJ playing music for entertainment. Our first two hundred customers will receive special T-shirts. These t-shirts will be made so that people would wear them, but will advertise our theater. Later during our ten week promotion time if customers come down wearing our t-shirts they will receive special discounts and prizes. We feel this will be motivating and rewarding to customers. Our goal is to make an 90% awareness of our theater within the first two and a half months of business. These promotions and events will help us to reach this goal.

Paradise Theatres 10% Off Monday Night Admission
Offer good January 5, 12, 19, and 26
Offer good on any movie admission on the specified dates. One coupon per customer per movie. Coupon cannot be used in combination with any other discount offer. Coupon is good for admission to Monday movies at 5pm until 12am.

Bring a date Tuesdays�.
50% Off One Adult Night Admission with
Adult Night Admission
Offer good January 6, 13, 20, and 27
Offer good on any adult movie admission on the specified dates. The nature of this offer will mean that discounts for children, seniors, and military cannot be used in conjunction with this offer. Coupon is good for admission to Tuesday night movies at 5pm until 12am.

Monday night was chosen for coupon 1 because Monday night is a slow night for movie theatres and we want to encourage patrons to come to the theatre on Monday nights since we expect heavy volume on Friday through Sunday because it’s the weekend and Thursday since that’s College Special Day. Prices with the 10% discount will be as follows:

Regular $15.00
10% discount $1.50
Discounted price $13.50 + tax
Senior Citizens 65+, Children 12 and under, Military
Regular $14.00
10% discount $1.40
Discounted price $12.60

Tuesday night was chosen for coupon 2 because Tuesday night is also a slow night and we would to appeal to couples. We can’t afford to combine offers so this coupon will mean everyone starts at $15.00 but with the discount the second person gets Ã?½ off so together they save more.

Adult 1 SP $15.00 R $15.00
Adult 2 SP $7.50 R $15.00
Total SP $22.50 R $30.00
You Saved $7.50!
SP= Special Price, R= Regular Price

Immaculate Entertainment Company
December 10, 2003
Dear Editor of New York Times:
I enjoy seeing movies at the local movie theatre like most people but here in New York, the experience is less than enjoyable. The local movie theatres often have sticky floors, broken chairs, and film projectors that break down half the time. The bathrooms are usually dirty, soap dispensers empty, and the hand dryer usually is broken. The popcorn is stale and the candy is half melted. Paradise Theatre will soon open in our city, on the corner of 44th and Broadway, which will make movie going a lot more enjoyable. It will be a luxury theatre featuring state-of-the-art video and sound along with remote controlled food service. The bathrooms are big, clean, and attended. Not only that but the reclining stadium seating chairs ensures that you are comfortable as you watch the movie.


Corey Sipe
Public Relations Officer
Paradise Theatres

Immaculate Entertainment Company
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Contact: Corey Sipe, Public Relations Officer
(860) 465-0633

Paradise Theatre Will Provide Luxury and Food

New York City – Immaculate Entertainment Company’s newest endeavor – Paradise Theatre featuring 25 screens will be opening on January 1, 2004 on 44th and Broad next to MTV Studio. For a limited time, customers can receive a 10% discount by using coupons offered in several local newspapers. Prices for the theatre are as follows:
Matinees are Monday through Friday before 5pm

Adults $9.00

Children 12 and under $8.00

Seniors 65 and over $8.00

Military $8.00

Weekends and Evenings are Saturday and Sunday all day and Monday through Friday 5pm and after

Adults $15.00

Children 12 and under $14.00

Seniors 65 and over $14.00

Military $14.00

College Special Thursdays before 5pm

Students $7.00

College Special Thursdays 5pm and after
Students $10.00

College Special Thursdays feature a DJ from local radio station, Hot 97 FM.

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