Parenting is the Forgotten Art of Days Past

Come on lets be straight with each other

This poem is for you be you a father or mother

Whats going on with parents today

Why have our youth gone astray

I hear all the time how their childhood was jacked

I can’t do any better because my parents were whack

Time to lay it to rest and excuses be gone

Your child’s heart is what you need to focus on

They won’t grow from your new 5 show DVR

Sitting right next to you with a heart afar

While you’re out getting wasted and acting tough

They wonder about your time, are they not good enough?

Oh so you feed them and buy them things

But time spent with them is more like a fling

I hate the phrase we call basic needs

Its for love and acceptance that their heart bleeds

Put down the remotes and watch them play

Whens the last time your job loved you every day

Don’t be surprised when you lose some control

A TV and XBOX wont make them feel whole

When you send them into the world with a void in their heart

You own the results, not just a small part

I say my peace because it breaks my emotions down

Kids full of so much pain and hurt, in they’re emotions they drown

Our teen suicide is at an all time high

We obsess over money while their lives pass us by

Now its too tough because it’s a one person job?

Let it affect you and its they’re childhood you’ll rob.

Each day is a chance to start over new

To develop their lives in all you do

Start with an i love you a hug and a kiss

Your’e a parent now, they cant afford for you to swing and miss

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