Penguin Munsingwear: The New Spring Line

What do you think of when you dress yourself? First and foremost, you probably consider what you’re dressing for. Are you going to the mall? Going out to dinner? Or are you just going to be lounging around? Surely you dress yourself differently for every occasion. Well, what if you could streamline your wardrobe to accomodate for more occasions and, in the process, streamline your spending habits? Penguin Munsingwear is the answer to that ‘what if.’ Not only will it suffice for a variety of settings, it will make you look good in the process.

The specialty of Penguin Munsingwear is its formality. Anyone can sport a Penguin outfit at a formal occasion and steal the show. Yet there is more beneath the surface; because Munsingwear’s formality can be considered somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the outfits shouldn’t be considered exclusively for dinner parties or job interviews. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a nice collared shirt to just lounge around the yard or attend a sporting event. In fact, many Penguin pieces are arguably informal; they are added to the collections and manufactured exclusively to seemingly oppose Munsingwear’s role as a traditional formalwear.

Still, this foundation as a major label is Penguin’s strongest point, but not for those who consider themselves ‘label junkies’; you know the type – the people who walk around with Hollister or Abercrombie branded on their chests. Penguin is more discreet, more tasteful. Best of all, their pieces become instant classics; they’re creative yet contemporary.

Some pieces to look into this spring – all available at (or Ebay, if you’re patient/hopeful enoug) – are definately the short-sleeve wovens. Penguin makes some fantastic plaid shirts with extra-wide checkers that are both slimming and eye-catching. On the pants side, there are some excellent chinos that are also woven very nicely. Some avant-garde and European-cut swimtrunks are available as well, all of which sport some funky names. Also, watch out for the european sizes; a knit polo is going to run extremely tight around the torso. Whereas one could comfortably fit in a size large woven top, a size [XXL] knit polo would measure approximately the same.

For women, there are many exquisite items to choose from. Aside from feminine versions of knits and wovens, Penguin Munsingwear has designed some groundbreaking skirts, dresses, and silk blouses. Each have their own unique flavor and are definately worth looking at, even if it’s just looking.

Keep this in mind: summer is right around the corner. That means weddings, graduations, and plenty of lounging. So why not look good this season by buying into some Penguin Munsingwear? Trust me, it will pay for itself in the long run.

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