How to Close Your Ebay Store

I just closed my eBay store. I had this last EBay Store for 2 years, and at the height of my EBay Sales Career, just 15 months ago, I had three stores. One store was for my art, one for my plus sized clothing, and one to sell for my friends and family. Unfortunately, my fortune was short lived.

In spring of 2005, EBay raised their prices and sellers fled. They also changed the way they sold art, which was my main reason for being on EBay. From my point of view and the viewpoint of several other sellers, EBay did not care about the little seller. All of their actions proved it. They moved the bulk of fees to the front end of the listing, which seriously discouraged listing. We would have been glad to pay the fees, if we had actually sold something. In addition, with my plus size-clothing store, the majority of my buyers were EBay sellers. So when the sellers left, so did my customers. I watched my EBay income shrink from about $500.00 a week between the combined stores to less than $100.00 and month.

EBay told us that these cycles happen, keep listing items (and paying for those listings). Keep those stores open. I did, but I have given up hope of EBay ever being anything short of a mall. Only merchants who can pay the exorbitant rents will be able to run profitable businesses. It is not a good place for a beginner or a hobbyist. I have come to face the fact that though I love buying and reselling things, I can make alot more money writing online like I am doing at this very moment. As a matter of fact, I consistantly make more per month than I ever did on Ebay.

So I am packing my proverbial bags, clearing out the last of my plus sized clothing and accessories, and taking my art to Oh, and that link EBay does not want you to click� the one they have hidden in the deep recesses of the site that allows you to close the store; it is here:

I found it, and I clicked it, and it felt GOOD! The route to is go to my eBay, click manage my store on the left, then click subscriptions, still on the left, then at the top of the page you can cancel or manage your subscriptions. I find it very interesting that you can find the link to open and EBay store in 30 seconds, but finding the link to close your EBay store takes 30 minutes. Hopefully they don’t move this link around to often and you can find it quickly with my help, should you choose to close your Ebay store.

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