Four of the Funniest Halloween Costumes I Ever Saw

Some Halloween costumes are scary, others are cute, and some are simply hysterical. If you’re interested in a funny Halloween costume, I’d like to share with you a couple of the most hysterical outfits I’ve ever seen.

One of them was worn by two boys who were each fairly slender and about the same height. To duplicate their two-headed guy outfit, use a shirt large enough to slip over two boys as they stand side by side, and be able to button it completely without it being uncomfortably tight. Each person wears their own, identical pants and shoes. Add a hat or face masks, if you want. What’s so funny is watching the two-headed man try to manipulate with only one arm all night. It’s more difficult than you’d think to try to get around, sit down and get up, or move when you don’t know what the other person is doing next. It’s hysterical to watch.

At a different party all attention was on the woman who showed up in a “old, tired housewife” outfit. She had her hair in rollers and a large piece of bubble gum stuck to one section. She had added green food coloring to cold cream and smeared it on her face. Her house robe was ratty and worn and was accompanied by big, fuzzy slippers with a piece of bathroom tissue stuck to one slipper- and dragging behind her. What was even more hysterical was the fact that she was carrying one baby, and had another clinging to each leg. She had used large baby dolls and ties to make it look like the babies were hanging on for dear life. One of the dolls’ feet was dragging on the floor when the woman walked. But when she turned around, there was a stuffed cat and a stuffed dog hanging from the back of her robe! It was hysterical!

The tired housewife’s husband showed up with boxer shorts on and a suit jacket. He had one shoe and sock on but no shoe – and a different colored sock – on his other foot. His hair had what looked like gravy in it and he had a newspaper stuck to his rear. He carried a whiskey bottle around with him and walked like he was drunk – but no one ever saw him take a drink! He stuttered, stumbled, mumbled, yelled incoherently and acted completely mad. It was pretty funny.

Another woman I saw was dressed up like a baby. She had a one-piece leotard on, a pair of Depends, and sucked on a candy pacifier all night. She had her hair in pigtails and had painted on really pink cheeks with freckles. I thought these outfits were funny – maybe you’d like to try something similar for Halloween or a masquerade party. They’re all simple to do and won’t cost much.

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