Review of Old Navy Jeans

Finding that perfect pair of jeans can take years of trial and error. And finding the perfect pair of jeans is essential to feeling good about how you look. If you haven’t given them a try yet, Old Navy Jeans might just be the jeans you’ve been looking for. Even without the “perfect” body, Old Navy Jeans are designed to flatter whatever figure you’ve got and are available in a range of sizes and cuts to fit you perfectly. The best part is that Old Navy Jeans are super-affordable, so if Old Navy Jeans end up being your all-time favorite, you can afford to buy more than one pair!

A pair of Old Navy Jeans will cost anywhere from $19.99 to $35.99, but when they are on sale, you can score a pair of Old Navy Jeans for as little as $9.99. If bargain shopping is important to you (and why wouldn’t it be!), checking Old Navy’s website for sale prices is a great way to get a great deal. If you order your jeans from Old Navy’s website instead of going to the store, shipping for any size order is always $5.00.

Old Navy Jeans are more size-friendly than any other brand of jeans I’ve found. With so many options, finding jeans that fit aren’t a problem at Old Navy. Not only do Old Navy Jeans come in regular and plus sizes, but you can also choose between short, regular and long for the length of the leg. Where the jeans sit on your waist is also up to you. Old Navy makes jeans in styles that fit at-waist, just below waist, low, and really super-extra low. If that isn’t enough, Old Navy boy-cut jeans feature a square-cut waist.

From the perspective of a short and chubby woman, I appreciate the extra room in the butt and hips that Old Navy Jeans have. Seriously, how many times have you tried on a pair of size 12 jeans to discover that the designer made no allowance for your size-12 behind? On the other hand, my sister wears the same waist size as I do, but she is shaped differently than I am. She hates Old Navy Jeans because she has no butt and very small hips, and Old Navy Jeans tend to sag in her rear area. Whether or not they work for your derri�¨re really depends on your derriere.

Another thing I especially appreciate about Old Navy Jeans is that they are made of a more stretchy material than most jeans. After you’ve worn them a few times, they stretch to fit you personally. Most jeans require some breaking-in to feel yours, but Old Navy Jeans seem to conform to your personal shape better than any other jeans.

The styles of Old Navy Jeans are geared more toward younger folks, so those looking for a more grown-up pair of jeans might be disappointed by the flares and rhinestones on some of the styles. Like all the size options though, Old Navy also offers jeans in several cuts, from boot leg to flared to straight. If wearing the same pair of jeans as your teenage daughter is off-putting, Old Navy Jeans might not be right for you. A second look might reveal a style or two that makes you feel comfortable, but they definitely gear their styles at the younger crowd.

Because the sizes are consistent across styles, shopping at Old Navy’s website is just as good as shopping in-store. Once you figure out specifically what size and cut works best for you, you should never have to go into the actual store again. I’ve personally had better luck shopping at Old Navy online than in the store, because the size availability is better inline than at my local Old Navy.

The only drawback to Old Navy Jeans is that they aren’t as durable as Levis or more expensive jeans. Don’t get me wrong-Old Navy Jeans will hold up pretty well for a while, but don’t expect to wear the same pair for three years before having to replace them.

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