Winter Fun at the Icearium in Knoxville, Tennessee

Those who live in the Great Smoky Mountain region of Knoxville, Tennessee are fortunate to have a wonderful family place for ice fun at the Icearium. The Icearium is located in West Knoxville and is conveniently found near I-40/I-75 and the main drag, Kingston Pike.

The Icearium is a 50,000 square foot ice sports facility. It contains one 200′ by 85″ rink (NHL size) complete with rink-side seating for 300 people. The rest of the building is devoted to support services like concessions, locker rooms, and a Pro Shop.

The Icearium offers three types of skates that can be rented: Risport figure skates, flight hockey skates, and K2 hockey skates. With over 600 pairs of rental skates in all sizes, there is sure to be a pair of skates for everyone. The Icearium also contains four separate locker rooms, each with a shower and restrooms. The Pro Shop offers professional skate sharpening and all kinds of ice sporting gear for sale. The concessions offer the usual pizza and hamburgers; but pasta and healthy meal choices are also available in this full-service concession area.

Because the Icearium is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, in a hot and humid Southern portion of the United States, their specialized climate control system to cool and dehumidify is crucial to maintaining ice quality. The electric Zamboni machine also helps maintain the ice surface by helping it stay smooth and safe.

All types of ice sports are offered at the Icearium. A Basic Skills ice-skating program ensures that anyone of any age or level of expertise can learn to skate. A basic Skills class begins with a “Snowplow Sam” series for 3-5 year olds, and continues with 8 levels of basic classes for ages 6-any age adult. The ice skating education can continue at the Icearium by taking hockey skating lessons for both youth and adult; and figure skating for advanced skaters. Private lessons are also available for those requiring additional training or prefer their lessons to be private.

Youth hockey begins with a Cross-Ice program at the Icearium for ages 4-10 year olds. This program contains hockey instruction and focuses on both skating and hockey fundamentals. The Youth Hockey League is an Icearium House League and is for skaters under the age of 18. The Icearium also has a traveling youth team called the Youth Ice Bears that competes in the Southern Youth Hockey League.

The adult hockey program at the Icearium begins with instructional hockey for those who want to learn to play hockey or expand their basic skills . The Icearium also has adult House Hockey Leagues in three different levels because of the popularity of this hockey program.

Other ice sports played at the Icearium include a fun game called Broomball. In this game, players do not wear skates, but slide around on their tennis shoes. The only other equipment required for this winter sport is a broom, a ball, and a helmet. For league or club play, the Icearium requires protective gear such as a mouth guard, knee pads, and elbow pads. But for drop in play, you can show up with tennis shoes, a broom, and a helmet.

The ancient sport of curling, called “a complex sport based around a simple idea” of sliding a stone down ice toward a set of rings, is also offered at the Icearium. Both a drop in curling time, and curling leagues exist at the Icearium.

And what better way for your ice sportsman of any age to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion than on ice? The Icearium offers five different party packages and features three private party rooms. Food is provided from the Icearium’s concession area, and the birthday guests can take the ice for up to two hours. Some party packages even include private instruction from one of the Icearium staff.

The Icearium of Knoxville, Tennessee, has something to offer from just plain fun to professional quality instruction on safe and smooth ice.

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