People Watching at Duck Deli in New Britain, Pennsylvania

The place I decided to keep an eye on people for this assignment was the Duck Deli in New Britain, Pennsylvania. A fine barbeque restaurant if you prefer your food spicy and charcoaled. Why did I choose this place to stare at people? My family ate dinner at this restaurant and I decided to take care of a school assignment all while eating dinner.

At the time I was in the dining room, it was almost at full capacity. The first person I decided to watch was the waitress who waited on my table. A few things led me to choose her to watch. They include the fact that she was wearing a bright blue shirt that stood out from all the other shirts in the room, she had red hair (Redheads always stand out to me for some odd reason. I think they are their own special breed.), she was nice and brought us some very good food to eat. At first glance, she looked like a high school student most likely. In that case, I would categorize her as a “high school student juggling school and weekend job while trying to keep her insanity in one piece.” She may have been working the night shift to make enough money to be able to buy her first car or to secure enough money to cover all costs for her prom dress.

The thing that made me think towards this observation was that she looked young enough to be a high school student and she wasn’t out on a Saturday night cruising the town or through the mall with all her friends. If she is willing to forgo hanging out with her friends on a free weekend night to earn money at a job she may not like all the time must tell you something. From her appearance of wearing the standard work uniform of jeans and a shirt that said Duck Deli on the back of it above a picture of a duck, it looked like she was willing to wear a shirt that may have been a color that she didn’t necessarily like and with a duck on the back she may think is ugly to make money and leave with a paycheck in her hand ultimately.

The second person who happened to be one of the lucky few who I was going to spy on was a middle aged guy who had a mustache and wore a green hat. The reason why I chose to watch him was because he sat at the table almost next to the table I sat at. From the first impressions, he seemed like a guy who didn’t talk all that much and was just sitting at the table because he was hungry and wanted to eat dinner, plain and simple. I would categorize this guy as a “hard-working guy who just wanted to enjoy his dinner without any talk or commotion.” He probably came to the Duck Deli because he didn’t feel like cooking and he wanted someone else to do the cooking. He could have been there also because he didn’t have all the time in the world to cook a meal at home and he wanted a nice cooked meal yet didn’t want to succumb to McDonalds or Burger King. The one thing that made me think towards my observations of him is I did not hear talk that much while I was eating dinner right next to his table. This guy just wanted to eat dinner plain and simple.

The third person who had the distinction of being one of my spy subjects actually was a couple who from the looks of it, were on a date. The reason why I chose to keep an eye on them was they sat at the table closest to the restroom which was in perfect site and hearing when I had to use the restroom. They both looked like they were in their early 20s, possibly in college. The guy was dressed pretty normally. He wasn’t wearing a tuxedo or anything too spiffy for dinner, probably just an outfit that would get a passing grade from his date for a dinner date. She herself was dressed pretty normally as well, no pantsuit or cocktail gown in site. I have a feeling they ate there because both of them may not be fans of fancy restaurants and do not care for fancy, expensive meals either. They seemed to have pretty decent conversation flowing. The one thing that made me think towards these observations was they seemed like they do not really care what type of place they eat at, as long as they enjoy each others company, they are happy with one another.

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