Persecution in America

I probably should have realized, but didn’t, that persecution does still exist in America. Being a Christian can be very difficult, and a lot of criticism flows from the mouths of unbelievers.

However, since being saved in February, I had had little experience with criticism, other than in small, isolated incidents.

Then, I recently happened upon a message board associated with one of the Nashville, TN television stations. I decided that this would give me a large, broad forum to spread the word of Christ and to witness to thousands of individuals. As my pastor says, never miss an opportunity to witness to a lost soul.

From the moment I posted the first words about our Lord and Savior, I was bombarded with self-professed agnostics and atheists. They criticized my beliefs, then attacked Christ’s very existence, as well as the existence of God.

Several of them attacked me at once, and tried to argue the Bible with me, saying Christ was evil, that he taught secret lessons to only certain people, and made it plain they didn’t want me on their message board.

However, I realized that despite all the negativity, there were surely Christian people on this website. Therefore, I refused to leave. I continued to post my views, to testify, to witness, and to tell the word of Christ.

I went one step further: I began to post a “Word of the Day” on the message board, with each new thread being a passage of scripture, taken directly from the King James Version.

This further infuriated the atheists on the board, but I began to notice that other posters were taking my side and defending me. I also began to notice that for every thread, there were probably 30 posts, but that over 100 people had actually viewed and read the post. I feel that I am reaching other people who are actually reading and listening to the words I post, even if they don’t choose to wade into the battle and to post their own thoughts.

The initial shock of being attacked has worn off, and it has left with me a new sense of understanding, a deeper comprehension of what the apostles must have felt when the majority of those they preached to wouldn’t listen. How frustrating it must have been for them, realizing that so many lost souls would forever remain lost. I have prayed for all of those on the message board, praying that they would come to their collective senses and make the conversion to the life of a Christian. Will it happen? That is now up to God. I cannot save them. I can only plant the seed. Through their own free will, or through the divine will of the Father, they may be saved. Or not. That isn’t for me to determine.

I will continue to post on this board, and if I ‘offend’ someone, then maybe they will decided to read the scripture for themselves, if for no other reason, to see if I’m right. If someone is offended in the word of God, let them argue their point with Him.

The word of the Lord will continue to flow from my lips, and the living waters from within me.
So if anyone ever asks you if persecution still exits, tell them without a doubt: it does. Make sure you also tell them that wherever a true Christian walks, there also does the Lord.

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