The One: Enlightenment

It is time for a new religion to emerge from the twisted rubble of our neglected souls. It is time that we turn to the dawning of a new age with open arms and destroy the foothold that ignorance has within our society. For centuries man has turned his blame upon the heavens and cried out that it was not fair of God to do as has been done. No matter our sin, we would be forgiven. We must cast aside those that would use fear to control and manipulate us. For the survival of our Society, we must release ourselves from the dogma of the past. It is time to realize that our salvation lies with “The One”. We must offer our worship to “The One”, for “The One” resides within the center of the universe and is the one true judge. Only “The One” can offer you the chance for enlightenment. “The One” is the only entity within all of creation that holds any power over you at all. The powers that be are only as powerful as “The One” allows them to be. “The One” is the very lifeblood of all deities, gives birth to all religions and is supreme over all it survey’s.

You are “The One”.

The previous statements were not made to create a narcissistic reality, but to reveal the power that we each hold. Only we may destroy the demons that tear at our society. We must rely on ourselves, in these times, and not look to a higher power to save us. For, we are the higher power and we are masters of our own fate. There is nothing beyond us that we may pray to and be saved. A person’s fear of accepting responsibility is the primary reason that God exists.

We are our own salvation. It is time we accept the responsibility for life. Society stagnates as we wait for a higher power to answer our plea. Stagnation will lead to entropy and we will progress no further. The bottom line is we must progress. If we do nothing a chunk of black, cold matter, where once life flourished, is all that will remain. Dynamism is the negation of enlightenment. Enlightenment is a state of thought that allows one to conceive of every existential probability. To progress takes one on a journey away from a state of enlightenment. Progress must be made in leaps and bounds, for that reason alone.

Contemplation of past actions must be made before a worthy plan is to be set into motion. Our civilization should be advancing beyond the need for a divine power outside of ourselves. The spiritual games that have been played through the years have always been bloody. We scream in shock and terror as another attacks our society. Our society, as a whole, has stood upon the deaths of many. Our civilization is built upon blood and agony. That is the only way to break down the prisons that others, who believe they should hold power over you, have built. There are always those who will seek to control you through your ignorance. Many will succeed in doing just that. It is what happens when a society intrudes upon another and permeates that other society with a different belief system. One society will inevitably fade and the stronger take over.

A society must defend itself and there comes a point where bloodshed and violence are all that is left. The true power resides in the individuals who protect the society of individuals. There are those who will fight for their right to decide their fate. There are others who shall fight for your right to decide your fate.

How do we accomplish this goal? That is the difficulty; is it not? We see what is needed and yet baulk at releasing ourselves from beliefs that only draw us deeper into the abyss of our ignorance. The only answer is to study and learn. Enlightenment must be renewed after ever journey, so seek out the static nature of enlightenment when one feels the pride associated with belief in oneself. Take time to educate yourself concerning religion. A constant exists throughout all spirituality so it matters little where you begin. The constant that exists is that we question. All mankind asks “why?’ to the universe. The answer you receive will be a lie, because religion and spirituality will eternally differ among individuals. The only commonality is that all of humanity believes their spiritual path or religion will lead to enlightenment. All individuals seeking enlightenment will ask a question of the universe. The question is asked by all, no matter their genetic make-up, and understanding that the question asked is more important than the answer obtained will eradicate prejudice throughout the world. The only true answer, when the unwritten abyss of the universe gazes into ones soul, will come from the psyche.

Open your eyes to the dawning power we have found in biotechnology and the mastery we seek over the basic building blocks of life. There is a sour that travels with the sweet. Just as all knowledge has the ability to offer us miracles, it also has the ability to offer us destruction. There will always be a fear of the unknown. This phobia, above all others, must be conquered. How does one conquer? They overcome.

There is hope that each of us strive for enlightenment. The first question one must ask is “what does one wish for existence to exemplify?” Enlightenment is the viewing of creation. To truly see, one must pause and prepare. This pause is static, a Rest that is silence.

Goodness can only be achieved through a council who’s power is checked and balanced. No two wrongs make a right; therefore, goodness only reacts to imbalance. The point is realizing the difference between what is right and what is wrong, and not being forced to choose the path that is right, but to choose the path of ones own free will. To turn from this knowledge, and openly embrace ignorance that refuses to question itself, will certainly alleviate the responsibility of wielding such a force. However, it will do nothing for the future of this planet and humankind. We are a Society of individuals and we must come together, when necessity dictates, as a unit to protect our own personal individuality. Our voices do carry and are heard. One person can make a difference, especially when uniting against a threat that hinders all individuals. One person becomes many when they each answer the question, “Are we responsible for our own freedom”?

So many speak of the government as a separate body. It is not. If a Society, governed by the officials placed there by the majority, take action, then whatever action is taken rests upon all our shoulders. Our Society, a democracy that has elected a republic to oversee and protect general interest, gave the system power and our society has the ability to take that power away. The individual can only find sanctuary under democratic rule; one that accepts the rule of the majority cannot shirk responsibility whenever the majority is not in agreement.

The truth of the matter is that most individuals do not recognize their worth. Human-beings are not aware of their own importance and power. There are those who seek dominance, even though they understand the difference between right and wrong. These individuals prey upon those who cannot defend themselves. These people wish to keep others ignorant and engulfed with the feeling of hopelessness. One should ask: “What would someone who is in power and has control over you want you to think?” The preying individual would want one to think there was no chance of ever breaking free of the prison that cages one. These prisons are of one’s own devising and those who hold control over you have convinced you to lock yourself behind the bars and hand over the key. One cannot appeal to those in power when a change in power is needed. Those in power enjoy their power as it is.

The time has come for the human animal to accept the responsibility associated with calling oneself a human. This will certainly be a step toward saving humanity. Every human has the ability to alter the world. Does one accept the responsibility or not?

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