The Affordable Care Act is Good for Each of Us Individually as Well as for the Country as a Whole

Every kid had a mom who convinced them to take their medicine. The scene typically had the mom saying “Take your medicine and you’ll feel better” and the kid saying “I don’t want to take it because it will taste bad”. How did the kid know it would taste bad? The kid had taken other medicines that tasted bad, and it didn’t matter if the mother mixed it with sugar and honey-it was still going to taste bad. The kid also understood if he wanted to get better he’d have to have a moment’s worth of a bad taste for soon feeling better.

What has hurt the design of the Affordable Care Act and consequentially the site? The states that developed their own exchange are doing well. I am Software Developer and System Analyst. As soon as the Developer understands the logic they can write the code. How can the developers know the intricacies of each state’s health insurance system without extensive interviews with them? Now we understand that if 80% of the applicants can navigate through the system by December 1 then the system will be considered working adequately. That December 1 deadline seems to be a difficult to impossible goal because of the difficulty of getting the logic of each state’s health insurance system implemented.

The GOP doesn’t talk about junk health insurance. The article “Hazardous health plans –Coverage gaps can leave you in big trouble” describes the coverages that are being terminated by the Affordable Care Act.

The GOP thinks junk health insurance is adequate for the 99%. Do you? “I Believe, Unlike the GOP, that Full Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is Mandatory.”

If President Obama said that some people with inadequate health insurance would be required to switch to an insurance that wasn’t junk would that idea ever have passed through Congress?

This is just another example of the GOP doing anything they can to damage President Obama. The GOP managed to get states with a GOP Governor to shaft his voters and not develop their exchange. What happened when President Obama decided to back his pledge that everybody could keep his insurance. Some of the states’ insurance commissioners said they didn’t know that they could comply with pledge. Some of the junk health insurance providers said they could not accept that pledge. These junk health insurance providers traditionally dump patients who actually want their junk health insurance to provide them with benefits immediately.

I can’t pretend that I know if President Obama knew that people with junk health insurance would have to switch their policies. If he did he did it for our own good-just as every mom with a sick kid has fooled her kid into taking some vile tasting medicine. These people can moan about not wanting to switch health insurance, but the majority of them will soon feel happier for better coverage and most at a better price. Researching health insurance isn’t a sundae with twelve toppings, but it is better for the individual and the country.

The entire country will benefit if these people who received termination of health insurance coverages would only man up and get coverage through the Affordable Care Act because a good majority of these are the young and healthy whose addition to the pool would reduce the price for us all.

I’ll cite a left-leaning and right-leaning columnist and show that the President has done the right thing by directly apologizing to those people who had junk health insurance terminated-even though our mom never apologized to me for giving me foul medicine.

The article “There’s time to fix the Affordable Care Act” describes how most of the people whose health insurance was terminated will get better, cheaper coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act.

The article states “But the policy itself is sound, and eventually all the noise will fade.”

The right-wing anti-Obama rant article “Obamacare laid bare” describes the Affordable Care Act as anything else but sound.

It states “The cancellations lay bare three pillars of Obamacare: (a) mendacity, (b) paternalism and (c) subterfuge.”

I have a friend who is an example of how the Affordable Care Act will help us. She lost her job and she has had an illness that persists and the poor dear has had the problem for generations. With her job went her health insurance. She heard about the Affordable Care Act web site problem and found out she could apply for Affordable Care Act coverage in person. She did and now has health insurance benefits she never dreamed she could possess.

With any huge task there will be unanticipated problems. The design of the Affordable Care Act web site is an example. Why is the media obsessed with these particular unanticipated problems? Why doesn’t the media speak about the problems that the GOP created–notably talking many GOP Governors to work against their citizens’ interests by not developing a health insurance exchange? The more states that had exchanges the less problems the Affordable Care Act site would have.

The GOP failed in McConnell’s goal of making President Obama a one-term president. The GOP wants to damage President Obama’s hugest accomplishment–Affordable Care Act, but this is just another example of the GOP doing anything they can to damage him. They will fail in this effort also because our President has the US populace on his side.

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