Becoming a Rockstar: Finding Yourself or Losing All You’ve Acquired?

For a young boy or girl, dreams are what make them who they become. Whether it is to be a scientist, the next president of the United States, or merely proficient in a profession that interests them the most; whatever a childs dream may be, they are encouraged to pursue it any way they can.

I myself am a musician. I have spent countless hours hurting my fingers playing guitar, going insane trying to come up with the perfect word for one line in a song, and getting into trouble because I was living the life of a rockstar when I should have been studying for a test. For me, my dream was to become a rockstar. In fact, it still is.

I want to tour the world, meet new people, challenge my bodies limit, see different things, all doing what I love to do; making music. I know the struggle one goes through to become a professional musician, and I am not even half way there yet. A musicians heart, so gentle and pure, gets beaten to shit by one “no” from a club manager, record label, or even a parent who doesn’t believe. The list goes on and on. So when a band or musician finally “make it” to the level most strive for, don’t they deserve to soak in their fame? Just for a bit?

True, they probably deserve whatever fame they aquired. My only problem is the way most rockstars act after they make it to the “rockstar” level.

From humble beginnings most rockstars are born. That’s what makes for their great songs in the first place. Broken homes, broken hearts, their passion, their love for the career they are currently in. Their early struggles become million dollar stories told to open ears all over the world, spoken in many different languages, relating to millions of troubled kids growing up the same way they did. And they are going to forget all about that? They are not even going to acknowledge or try and help those in their past for helping them become who they are today? How can that be? That is what really makes me mad. To aquire that level of fame, glory, and money, one can’t help but feel honored and overwhelmed. But with the glory, money, and fame, one must not forget those humble beginnings.

So many bands and artists today have changed. They have grown physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and egotistically. The only constant in life is change. But as a musician, you must stay true to who you are or else you’ll lose sight of everything in life that makes life worthwhile. Don’t lose sight of who your true friends are, don’t lose sight of who helped you and believed in you along the way, and don’t lose sight of where you came from.

We are all people who had and still have dreams. Don’t forget who that person was for you or you may forget yourself in the process.

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