Pet Emergency: Kits, Preparations and Helpful Advice

When an emergency arises, you should have a plan in place to make sure your family is safe and sound. Many people won’t leave their homes without their pets in a disaster; so if you have pets, make some emergency preparations to keep them safe and ready to go at a moments notice. Along with your family’s emergency kit, you should have one for your precious pets. A pet kit is simple to put together and can be kept with your family emergency supplies. Gather the following things and keep them together in a small bag.

– Leash and collars (If you have a cat, buy a harness. They may not like it, but you may need to use it to keep them near you if you must evacuate.)
– Paperwork (This includes medical conditions and records, veterinarian name and number, shot records, your cell phone numbers, current photos, and special instructions, if any.)
– Portable bowls for feeding, disposable litter trays, and a few toys
– Bottled water and bag of food (remember to refresh every few months)


It is important to be sure your pet can be identified incase they are separated from you. Keep a study collar on your pet at all times with an identification tag. You can also get a microchip implanted in your pet, right under the skin. This chip contains identification of the pet and the owner so the pet may be returned safely.


Many places will not accept pets when housing families in times of disaster. You should do some research about places you may be able to go and bring your pet with you. These might be hotels or relatives out of your area. If you leave your pet in someone’s care while you are away, make sure they know where your supply kit is and instructions on taking care of your animals should an emergency arise.

When Disaster Strikes

When you hear there is an impending weather event, make sure your pets are inside with you and have on their identification tags. Pets often act strangely during times of stress. If they seem to be nervous, put them in their pet carriers so they do not hide where you can’t find them or becomes aggressive with you or your other pets.

If you must leave your home with your pets, keep them in their crate and speak to them in a soothing tone if they become agitated. Don’t try to remove them from their crate to calm them down. They may end up hurting you.

Final Thoughts

Things will go more smoothly for you if you, your family, and your pets are prepared for anything that may come your way. Share details of how to prepare the animals with your family so when the time comes, you can all be ready and on the move as quickly as possible.

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