Pet Therapy

Millions of people own or have owned a pet some time during their lives. What’s the attraction? Pets can be messy, dirty and annoying, this is definitely true, but there are many health benefits to having Fido for companionship!

Yes, dirty, stinky pets can have a positive influence on your overall health!

Companionship. Pets are perfect companions – they don’t talk back, they agree with everything you do and say – and they are always happy to provide you with a warm, heart-felt hello! You tend to feel less alone, less isolated with a pet by your side!

Mental health. Having a strong attachment to a pet decreases your risk of suffering from depression! A strong bond can increase some nerve transmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, which have known pleasurable and calming properties. In fact, many people spend loads of money and ignore health and legal risks to obtain these pleasurable or calming feelings through the use of illegal substances such as heroine and cocaine!

Alzheimer’s patients with dogs suffer from less frequent anxiety outbursts. People with depression show greater strides in forward progression to combat this debilitating condition! Older people show less signs of loneliness and isolation, plus an increase in physical activity!

Physical Health. Having a pet can decrease high blood pressure, high cholesterol and decrease the risks for heart disease! It can increase survival rates among those who suffered a heart attack! Plus, taking care of Fido can provide some much needed, regular exercise!

Allergies. Because furry animals are dirty, you may be unknowingly increasing your immunity. Allergy-prone people living with a furry pet may experience a decrease risk to such things as allergies and asthma, especially for the young. Increasing exposure to dirt and other allergens may boost immunity!

Dating. Taking care of a pet shows responsibility and commitment, plus, it shows your softer side! Dogs especially are “date magnets”! Pets are easy conversation starters!

Responsibility. Having a pet to take care of requires a certain amount of commitment! Pet care can teach children the importance of responsibility, since a pet relies solely on their owner to provide the necessary things they need to sustain life!

Research supports the claim that having a pet provides many healthy benefits! That’s why we see an emergence of things like pet therapy in nursing homes and children’s wards!

Are there downsides to pets? Of course – they are dirty, time-consuming and an additional mouth to feed and worry about! But if you want to know the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance – if you want companionship – if you want to feel better – without the huge commitment humans require, try a pet!

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