Phoenix MLS: 10 Reasons to Purchase a New Home

With today’s Phoenix real estate market, new home construction seems to be happening everywhere. There are great reasons to buy right now from a Phoenix Home Builder. Take advantage of our great climate, employment opportunity and beautiful landscape today!

1. Pricing: Right now the competition among builders for a limited amount of buyers means they are dropping the price by giving heavy buying incentives like discounts from the base prices, free upgrades from flooring to even pools in some cases. So look around, find the area you want to live, and then find a real estate agent who will give you a rebate at closing. I have been doing that for years.

2. Simplified Financing: Many builders are not even charging closing costs right now. And you have the added advantage of one-stop shopping. Through the builders preferred lender, you can wrap any upgrades not paid for by the builder into your single mortgage payment, even a pool!

3. Floor Plan Option: Most builders offer a wide range of floor plans so they have one that suits almost anyone’s needs. Additionally, the sales office specifically tailor a home to your personal requests.

4. Colors and Finishes: Each home is no longer a cookie cutter home. In almost all cases you can choose the interior colors, front door, and color scheme on the outside. Inside you have choices of appliances, cabinets, flooring and even insulation types

5. Modern, New Appliances: Consider for a moment that you will automatically be getting brand new appliances, dishwasher, oven, microwave, washer and dryer, the works, all sparkling and brand new.

6. Materials: Your builder will be using the latest technological material to build your home to our climate. In almost all cases, painting is a thing of the past, required rarely because of new materials.

7. Energy Efficiency: Your builder will offer you a high level of energy efficient items such as two pane windows and modern insulation to help keep your home cool during the warm summers.

8. New Home Warranty: New home owners are guaranteed at least 1 year on everything, and 10-20 years on foundations and structure, and sometimes 5 years for major systems like heating, ventilating and Air conditioning systems.

9. Increased life of your living space: Everything in a pre-owned home has a shorter life expectancy due to day-to-day maintenance, mold, and regular deterioration . A new home maximizes this life expectancy, since it’s all brand new.

10. Buying a new home right now just makes good sense! Search for your new home today on Phoenix MLS!

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