Phone Cards: The Best Pre-Paid CallingCards

The best pre-paid phone cards are often hard to find. Living in New York City, as I do, you often see a lot of phone card retailers while walking down the street. However, it is especially rare that somebody will purchase a phone card casually, and when you really need one, it’s usually when you are at home by your phone. But rest assure, because I have the solution to all of your problems! is where anybody who is as broke as me should be going to shop for their phone cards. This one-stop-shop internet site for phone cards offers an array of benefits and advantages that most major phone companies will not offer you. And if you think you can find these benefits in any retail store, then you are surely mistaken. offers an array of domestic phone-cards, international calling-cards, phone card tips and pre-paid calling cards that you can’t find in any one place on the planet.

Do you have relatives in Europe or Africa? Do you not have any idea what a good rate on is? Well, can solve those problems and many more. Do you have to make business call to East Asia or the South Pacific? has calling-cards specifically designed for extended long-distance calling. Do you have to give somebody a ring in Middle East? has phone cards for countries there too! And has phone cards for hundreds of countries across the world. No continent is left out, and just about any nation with a phone-line is on their list of available countries. So if you are having trouble finding a calling card for FalklandIsland or , is the solution for all of your problems.

Besides having a specific phone card for just about every country in the world, this site also has some of the best domestic and international phone rates in the world. Because resells phone cards from different companies available on the internet, everyone who buys a phone card from this site can search for the rate that works best for them. If you plan on talking to your long lost love for hours after hours, there are phone cards with a bulk number of minutes that can be purchased for a penny a minute. If you are planning on calling someone for a short business transaction, then you can buy a phone card that ranges from 5-10 minutes. Because of the extreme amount of flexibility that offers, no one who visits this site will have to buy multiple phone cards, or purchase more minutes than they ever plan to use. And because you get the rates that you want and search for, you can guarantee that you can’t get a better rate with any other phone card in the world.

The biggest advantage to buying a calling card on is that it can be done right from your personal computer. I was once in a situation where I wanted to call my girlfriend in , but I had no idea where to get a phone card from, and it’s not exactly like there is a phone card section in the yellow pages. I didn’t want to have to go out roaming the streets in the dead of winter, and it was late, so of course all of the major phone companies were closed for the day. So I just got on my computer, went on the internet, typed in and I immediately had an array of phone card options at my disposal. I bought a phone card within seconds. The site gave me a toll-free number, and a pin number, along with instructions on how to use them, and I was on the phone with my girlfriend 2 minutes later. Of course talking to my girl was like being in the world talking symposium, so I eventually ran out of the minutes I had intended on using. But I simply went back online, bought another extremely cheap phone card, and called her right back. No driving around looking for the best phone card retailer, or buying some high rate phone card from the nearest drug store. I had everything I needed at my fingertips.

So, if you are in dire need of a cheap phone card, or if you have no idea where you are supposed to get one from, or even if you just don’t want to leave your house, go to and take advantage of everything they have to offer. From tips on avoiding phone charges and peak calling periods, to getting the cheapest rates in the world, is the place to get your calling cards.

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