How to Become LIC Agent

Life Insurance Corporation is one of the most reputed Indian firms that specialise in the insurance services. If you want to become an LIC agent, you must gather the relevant information. Remember that, do not fall for others and follow your own interest. You should analyze yourself for the required skills and academic background, making sure that if you are to become an LIC agent, nothing will fall in your way.

Note that, becoming an LIC agent requires a lot of hard work and patience, as you will be meeting with clients of varied temperaments, thus you must have the stamina to tolerate and impress them. You should confirm the prerequisites for becoming an LIC agent, so you should know what else you need to accomplish. Not to mention, without fulfilling all the requirements, you will not be able to enter the list of shortlisted candidates. If you have an LIC agent in your friends’ circle or family, you should enquire from him as he will be the best guide for you. Keep in mind that opportunity knocks just once, therefore, you should be fully prepared for your test.


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    The foremost requirement of LIC is age. They do not consider any individual less than 18 years of age. If you are under age, then you would have to wait for it and if you pass the age barrier, feel free to gathering the relevant information.

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    The next condition is of academic qualification. LIC do not consider individuals who studied less than 12th grade. You must be an intermediate qualified otherwise your chances of becoming an LIC agent are close to zero.

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    You should check whether the vacancies are open or not. LIC has a large network across the country and have branches in almost every state. If you are fortunate enough to have a branch in your locality, you should pay a visit and gather the information required for becoming an agent.

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    You should drop your resume at the LIC branch, so they could call you for an interview whenever the vacancies are open.

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    You must prepare well for the interview and prove the recruiting officer that you have the necessary skills.

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    After you pass the interview, you will be required to attend the training program, during which your performance will be evaluated. After the training is complete, they will assign you a territory, where you will have to operate.

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