Pictionary: The Fun Game of Quick Draw

One of the most clever games which also forces players to be creative and use their imaginations is Pictionary, which was created in 1986 by a 24-year-old waiter in Seattle named Rob Angel. In 1981, at parties Mr. Angel would sketch words from the dictionary while his friends tried to guess what he was drawing. Now, the board game’s premise is to get to the goal first, like many other games. However, there are two players on each team and one must guess the word that their teammate is trying to draw within a certain time limit. Once they guess the word right, they are able to move forward and progress to the goal. Pictionary requires at least four players, or two teams, but it can also move all the way up to four teams or any other way you see fit.

The board game has a path in which there are a five different kinds of squares to land on, each having their own letter. The square with the letter P on it means that the word is either a person, place, or animal. The letter O square means that the word is an object, such as the word “pencil.” The square with the letter A means that the word is a type of action, such as the word “jump.” The letter D square means that it is difficult and hard to get, such as the word “traction.” The letter AP stands for All Play, which has teams compete at the same time to see who gets the word first. All Plays can have words from any kind of category. The team that wins can continue advancing forward just as if it was a normal solo team word guess. If nobody guesses the correct word, the next team gets to have their shot at getting a new word correct. Only one person for each team is allowed to draw, but for the next drawing it rotates to the other team member. There are a deck of cars that come with Pictionary, in which there are the words included to draw. There are some rules to Pictionary which prevent players from making the game too easy. Symbols such as numbers or letters are not allowed because of this.

Although the game was designed to be a fun board game for adults, it can be popular among kids as well as there is really no adult content. There was even a Pictionary world championship which took place on February 12, 2005. In the championship, Amir Kirolos of Glasgow, Scotland beat Paul Hendry in a game which lasted a little over 6 hours. It is believed that the creator of Pictionary, Rob Angel, was paid $3 million for his fun invention and approximately 8 million copies of the game are sold each year. The game has become quite popular throughout the whole entire world and has created a heavily inspired game online called iSketch. Pictionary is a fantastic game to play at parties because it lets players to talk to each other, debate, argue, show their creativity, and most importantly: laugh.

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