Play Monopoly Online – for Free!

If you have monopoly the board game at home, but others just don’t have the time to play, look to the online version. Many monopoly fans can gather for free to play monopoly online. You have the same game pieces and game board that allows up to 4 players. When you roll the dice, it automatically moves your piece to the amount you rolled. There are sound effects as the dice is rolled and when your game pieces are moved. As well as when you mortgage, un-mortgage, create a hotel and more. The online version has no time limit just like the real one. But if you’re afraid that someone will take too long, you can set a limit for each time it’s a player’s turn.

As you play through the game, you can chat with your fellow players. The game has options such as double rolling, even buying and whether or not you want auctions to be allowed. And trading is allowed. You can decide with others if the game will be rated or not. If there’s an offensive player, you can report them. Or you can put them on mute. Which means you can’t see what they say in the chat. If there’s a problem you can report a bug. To play monopoly for free online, you need a free account at Registering only takes a few moments and they send you an e-mail with a confirming link within minutes so you’ll be playing in no time. Be careful though, this game can become addicting.

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