Play Online Games for Real Prizes and Cash

Online game sites often promise big winnings but rarely do you ever see a reward. Not so with some game sites that let you play games for free while accumulating points to spend at their reward center, or ones that give you an increased chance of winning real prizes. And, some sites advertise free games – and there are some – but others cost money to play. It’s a guessing game unless you have a guide to help you find the sites that give real prizes or cash. Here are some of those sites:

At you’ll find bingo games, card games, casino games and many others. You can win real cash and play for free. There’s a huge variety of games and many chances to win but the chances are random.

Six Questions doesn’t sound like a game site but they have game and other ways to earn free points. Their prizes are really nice but you have to accumulate enough points to purchase a prize. Earn points quickly by referring others to come play too:

The teen-oriented site has several games from which to choose. You accumulate points that can be spent at a prize page. There aren’t that many games and the points gather slowly but the games are fun. Anyone can play but prizes have a teen theme.

Play games at and you’ll also accumulate points that you can spend at their online store.

Another great place to choose from hundreds of games is Play for free and have a slight chance of winning many different prizes that are available. They have scratch tickets where you can win instantly but the chances are slim. Some of the prizes they advertise include cars, jewelry and vacations but it’s a long shot. More likely, you win “iCoins” for playing then cash the coins in for prizes.

If you love bingo you’ll like the site where you can win prizes of cash. They feature a winner’s picture and the amount they won to encourage the players. There’s several different types of bingo to play but no other games.

Another good bingo place is at where you can win cash for playing various bingo games.

They have great games at and they’re organized in neat categories like word games, shooting games, brain games and multi-player games. Some games are played for cash prizes, others are played for points.

If you like skill games go to where you can win prizes depending upon your skills at certain games. Play against others for a chance to win.

At Hot Games you’ll find everything from casino games to multi-player games. Win cash prizes by playing any number of games. Currently they have given away over $7,000,000. To win big money you must upgrade to Gold Membership. Find it at

Casino games are amongst the most popular games on the net. At you’ll find plenty of casino games like roulette, slots, video poker and keno. Sign up is free but some games cost money to play. They give away over $7,000 each day.

You’ll like the choices of games at like solitaire or Skill Jam. Play for free – win for free.

Play cards at and win cash and prizes. The chances are slim, as with many sites, but they give away thousands of dollars over a period of time.

Choose from a few free games and win prizes:

Kids games played for points:

Play free online games like Yahtzee and win “Nuggets” that allow you to gather points and spend them for prizes at their store:

Points given for how long you subscribe to this game site:

Many sports-oriented games are at but you only win points that goes towards your “team” winnings. The teams play against each other in unique games like Zombie Romp, Slingstar, Top Dog II, Funky Truck 4WD and BMX Backflips 2. These are by far some of the most unique games online but you’ll only win the glory of knowing you’re the best.

At Ben’s Bargains the prizes are fabulous and the games are much fun. Win electronics, movies and much more:

When it comes to playing online games most sites offer fun but some are sneaky, promising things you’ll never get. If game-playing is your main objective you’ll find many online sites to suit you. If prize-winning is more what you had in mind try some of these links to find games you like then make sure you understand the terms of the site. Some sites offer prizes, some offer cash, some offer nothing but the games themselves, but either way you go, you’ll have a blast playing games online.

Lots of games to choose from and zillions of prizes:

Games, prizes, cash and more:

Tournament games for cash and prizes:

Scratch off tickets for prizes and cash:

Get paid by playing games that prove how much you know about many topics:

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