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Uproar offers an array of popular game shows, including single player versions of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, as well as a multiplayer version of Family Feud. The best part: it’s all free!

There are several ways to reach the Game Show options of the website. You could scroll down the list of games offered in the section drop list titled: “Pick a Game.” You may also click on the link titled, “Game Shows,” which is located at the top of the page.

Free Registration: Before playing any games at Uproar, you must complete the simple registration form at no cost to you. This will allow you to play a variety of single and multiple player games, including Bingo Blitz and Pyramid Solitaire. Each game on the website will load into a separate pop-up screen. Keep in mind that you may or may not encounter a short series of commercials before you can play your selection. Below, you will find three very popular game shows to choose from on the Uproar website:

Family Feud__________________________

Although you won’t get a kiss on the cheek from Richard Dawson, you can still entertain yourself with a quick game of online Family Feud. With this version, you don’t need any family members by your side and you won’t have to agonize on who will compete in Fast Money. It’s all you!

What to Expect: Online Family Feud is a multiplayer game, meaning you will be competing with others, answering the same questions. There are a total of four rounds with this version: Round One; Round Two (double points); Round Three (triple points); and Round Four (Fast Money).

How to Play: With each round, you will receive three chances to type in answers. Every time you give an answer that is not on the list, you will hear that menacing buzzer associated with the television version. Matching answers will be revealed on the game board with the corresponding number of points received. You will get 10 seconds to place your answers (and believe me, it goes fast, especially when you’re having a brain freeze). At the end of the round, a list of the highest scores will be listed on the right-hand side of the screen, as well as your total score and the number of opponents you are playing against.

Fast Money: When playing Fast Money, you will be given 45 seconds to type in the answers to 5 questions. At the end of your time, the total amount of points for your answers, as well as the #1 answers and point totals are revealed one-by-one.

Overall Appeal: Out of all the game show options, I prefer this one because it gives you a substantial amount of playing time, as well as a wide-range of challenging questions. However entertaining the game may be, there are a few annoyances. Blame my impatience, but sometimes the wait between rounds is irritating. Also, since this is a computer game, you will run into glitches. For example, I was given a question about the sort of creatures that young boys collect. I typed in “frogs” and received 0 points. The #1 answer was “frog.” See what I mean?


You don’t need Alex Trebec to read off questions pertaining to pop culture, literature and history; you can read your own as you test your trivia skills with online Jeopardy.

What to Expect: Once the Jeopardy game is loaded, you will need to enter your name and choose a character to represent you (avatar). Avatars in Jeopardy “raise the roof,” as well as dance when you answer correctly. There are six categories for the first round, which are similar to the television version, including the 60s, Musical Numbers, and Bird Talk. Question values range from $200 to $1000 with the promise of one Daily Double.

How to Play: Players click on a dollar amount under the category and a pop-up will appear with a question. You will be given the choice to “Respond” or “Pass.” After awhile, a 5-second count will show if you are taking too long to make your decision. If you decide to pass, no penalty is given and the board reappears so that you may choose your next category. If you decide to respond, you will have 4 different choices to select. When you answer correctly, you are greeted by the sound of clapping. Give the wrong answer and you hear additional sound effects reflecting this action, then the correct answer will appear. Just as with the TV show, dollar amounts are added, as well as subjected from your total score.

Final Jeopardy: After a round of game play, Final Jeopardy arrives. A category is displayed and you are expected to enter a wager, which can be the maximum total from your total earnings or a lesser amount of your choosing.

Overall Appeal: The first couple of times playing this version of online Jeopardy is satisfying, but after awhile, playing by yourself gets a bit stale. The questions are interesting and the graphics/sounds are entertaining, but the lack of competitiveness against other opponents lingers. A couple of years ago, you could play Jeopardy against real opponents through, but they have since discontinued this luxury. Uproar used to have 2 rounds before the Final Jeopardy question, but now offers the one round, which makes the game much faster and less time consuming. Overall, this is still a great way to test your knowledge and learn a great deal in the process.

Wheel of Fortune___________________________

There isn’t an animated Vanna White turning your letters, but for those who wish to guess various people, places and things, this is a great option for Wheel of Fortune fans. The online Uproar version offers one round of regular play with a Bonus Round simulating the TV version.

What to Expect: Once the Wheel of Fortune game is loaded, you will need to enter your name and choose a character to represent you (avatar). The game allows you 5 turns, where you can choose various consonants to help solve the puzzle. Keep in mind that you can only choose consonants and no vowels during your turns. Just like the TV version, the online wheel showcases the following additions: “Bankrupt,” “Free Spin,” “Lose a Turn,” and ” $10,000.”

How to Play: Place your cursor on the wheel and you will activate the Power bar, which allows you to choose the kind of spin you wish to give (obviously the higher the power bar, the faster the spin). Click and the wheel will spin, and then choose a letter by clicking on the alphabet positioned at the bottom of the board. Matching spaces will light up, eventually revealing the correct letters.

Losing Your Turn: There are 3 ways to lose turns in this game: landing on “Bankrupt”; landing on “Lose a Turn”; and guessing the wrong letter.

Answering a Puzzle: When you think you have solved the puzzle, you may click on the “Solve” button, using your keyboard to type in the answer. If you have exhausted all of the consonants within a puzzle, an alert will show and you will be expected to solve.

Bonus Round: Before playing the Bonus Round, you will spin the Bonus Wheel to select an unrevealed prize that you will be “playing” for. The puzzle will already reveal the following letters: R, S, T, L and E. You are expected to choose 3 consonants and 1 vowel. The matching letters are then revealed and you will have 20 seconds to answer the puzzle (using your keyboard to type in your guess).

Overall Appeal: Pretty entertaining. I like how you don’t have to wait a lot of rounds before getting to the Bonus Round, which is more challenging than playing the regular game. This online version of the game also offers engaging graphics and sound effects.

Oldies but Goodies

Uproar also offers online versions of popular game shows from the 60s, 70s and 80s, such as The Match Game, Password and Card Sharks.

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