Play Slingo! Online for Free!!

Think back to the last time you were bored, surfing the web, wishing you could find something to do. When was that? About 15 minutes ago? Well here I am to save the day and offer you a free online game! I want to introduce you to a little friend I like to call!!

Slingo is a rather unique free online game that mixes regular bingo with a slot machine twist. It plays with a normal bingo card with 45 numbers, just as in bingo, but to fill your card you *pull* a handle and 5 random numbers will pop up. It is up to you to cover those 5 numbers before the allotted time runs out. This goes for 20 spins, which makes for a 15 minute game. Along with the 5 numbers, there are a few other things that pop up such as; coins, jokers, devils, cherubs, and super-jokers. All of these play a fun role to keep the free online game moving.

The coins give you an extra 1000 points, which is great when you have no numbers that you can use. The jokers can be played on any spot in the column that they land. The devils will pop-up and take half of your points (don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to get them back,) but the cherub sometimes comes in and blocks the devil from taking your money, whew! Last are the super-jokers. These guys are awesome. If you get a super-joker, you can use him anywhere on your board. Very clutch when you are waiting on just one number to achieve a full card!

This free game is multiplayer and is great fun to play online with friends or with people from your area or state. Along with the game, there is an free online chat room where you can talk and exchange greetings. The chatroom also stays on during the free mulitplayer game. Since the game play is relatively fast paced, Slingo! comes with its own language of short hand words. Here is a basic list:

GL – Good luck
GLE1 – Good luck Everyone
GG – Great game!
WTG – Way to Go
DD – Darn Devil! (Often used when the devil steals money)
SS – So Sorry (for when someone else says DD or NN)
NN – No Numbers (when you spin multiple times and get no usable numbers
FC(s) – Full Card(s) (often as WTG FC!!)

This is a short list, but if you go into the game, now you are armed! Don’t worry though, the lingo of Slingo! is very easy to pick up.

Along with the main free Slingo! game, the website offers a wide variety of other slot like online games, none of them ask for any real money so best of all, it’s free!! Some of these games are, Lemur Slots, Slingo! Millennium, 5 Card Slingo! Slingo! Wildcard, High Stakes, and others. Also, you can spend your points on “tickets” for a chance to win money or prizes. The “price” of each ticket varies depending on what prize you are entering to win.

One of the greatest things about the free site is its lack of spam e-mail. Since I signed up with, I have received just one email from them, and that was the confirmation of my newly created free account. They respect your privacy, and that is hard to come by these days.

The only problem that people have had with the site is getting the chat to work after initially registering, but I know the trick, and I am going to pass is on to you! When you first register, and they send the confirmation email to your inbox, CLOSE YOUR INTERENET BROWSER COMPLETELY! Then restart it and check your email. Follow the link in the email, and once you are redirected back to, log out of the site, and then log back in. At that point, you can tell your computer to remember you password and username, and your chat will be fully functional. I know this sounds kind of round-about, but it works.

Overall, this is a great site, and a load of fun to play by yourself or with friends. It is kid friendly (the chat rooms are VERY clean, and policed often) and easy to play. Since it is free, online, multplayer and a great game, I would definitely recommend checking out to anyone who spends more than 5 minutes a day on the web!

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