Pledge Multi Surface Wipes -Product Review

I have tried various wipes in the past, hoping for that one wipe that would clean all the surfaces in my home, but I have been disappointed with them. The past wipes I have tried have left my mirrors, glass and wood finishes looking cloudy and greasy.

The latest product I am testing is Pledge Multi Surface Wipes. Pledge promises these wipes will deliver a streak-free clean on all surfaces. We will see.

The wipes worked great in the kitchen, cleaned and shined all the stainless steel. The glass oven door and microwave door is clean and streak free also. One wipe cleaned the kitchen.

Moving on into my family room where the real test would be, I surveyed the damage, err, dust, with a skeptical eye. Could these Pledge wipes really clean up all the dust, finger prints, crumbs and spills in this room? They did indeed. The wood tables with glass tops, mirrors, wood entertainment center that is filled will glass fronted and plastic electronics, the sliding glass door and all the other little dust collectors sitting around the room were clean and streak free. I used 2 of the wipes in this room.

One Pledge wipe dusted the wood bedroom furniture. The wipe picked up the dust and held onto it as I dusted, and left the wood shiny.

These wipes saved me from having to carry around several different products as I moved through the house cleaning. They also shaved a lot of time off of my cleaning ritual, and did not leave that ‘icky’ feeling or smell on my hands.

The new Pledge Multi Surface wipes promise to clean and dust all your hard surfaces in one easy step. leaving behind a clean shine and fresh scent. Stainless steel, mirrors, plastics, granites, electronics, and all finished, sealed wood. They promise to remove dirt, dust, and common allergens from dust mites, pet dander and pollen. The wipes have an anti-static formula for cleaning electronics, and contain allergen trappers. They do not contain an anti-bacterial cleaner or a grease cutter, and should not be used with any other cleaners

The pre-moistened wipes come in a resealable pack of 25 and measure 7 inches x 10 inches and retail for around $4.29.

I found the Pledge Multi Surface wipes live up to their promise. They were effective in cleaning and shining every surface in my home. (not the bathroom, but I did not test them there, as they are not formulated for that type of cleaning) and these wipes saved me time. It’s a win-win product for me.

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