Pokemon Adventures: Chapter 1 – Part 2

Mia ran until she reached Professor Oak’s lab. To the girl’s horror several kids walked out of the building, each one was carrying a pokeball in their hands. “Oh no!” Amy muttered, running as fast as she could into the building. “Professor Oak!?” The girl called.

“Yes?” Came a voice, from behind a giant stack of books.

Mia ran to the books and peered around. She spotted Professor Oak, looking through one of the many books. “Professor Oak, it’s me! Mia!” The girl said, worriedly. “I came to choose a Pokemon, remember?”

“Mia? Pokemon?” The man said, looking up from his book and at Mia. “Oh yes!” The man closed the book and got to his feet. “Don’t worry dear, I have plenty left.”

“Good,” Mia said, sighing deeply.

“Now as you knowâÂ?¦” Professor Oak began, leading Mia deeper into his lab. “Since you’ve turned ten and you received your Pokemon license, that means you can choose one Pokemon as your companion. Have you made up your mind about which one you’d like to take?” The man asked, looking at the girl over his shoulder.

“Yes sir,” Mia said, nodding.

“Excellent,” Professor Oak said. “However, before you choose I feel it’s important to tell you this. Regardless of what Pokemon you choose as your partner, there’s never a wrong choice. Yes it’s true, one Pokemon might make it easier than another, but what’s important is how you train that Pokemon. Show it love and encouragement and it can take you straight to the Pokemon league!”

“Yes,” Mia said, nodding once more.

“Here we are,” Professor Oak said. The two were now standing in front of a round table. Lying on top of the table, in three small grooves, were three pokeballs. Each pokeball had a symbol located on top, indicating what kind of Pokemon was inside. “Pick carefully dear, and take your time,” Professor Oak said.

“Thank you,” Mia said, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. “I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I’ve chosenâÂ?¦” Mia opened her eyes and grabbed a pokeball.

“Excellent choice!” Professor Oak said. “Why don’t you let him out and introduce yourself.”

“Ok,” Mia said, holding up the pokeball. After clicking the button on the front, the ball opened and a tiny Pokemon appeared. Mia went to one knee and placed a hand on it’s head. “Hi Charmander, my names Mia. I’m your mommy now!”

“Mommy?” Professor Oak said, chuckling a little.

“Huh?” Mia said, blushing. “You said show it love!”

Professor Oak chuckled again. “Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with a mother’s love,” The man said, nodding. “Now take care of each other, ok?”

“We will,” Mia said, not taking her eyes off her new Charmander.

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